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The Daily Telegraph

No description

Charli Partington

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The Daily Telegraph

Amy Darlinson- 9th degree in music.
20 % off all
The extinction of 'Daniella'.
I can except failure, but I can't except not trying!
8 Year Old- A
In Music
Royal Name Keeping
The Good Guys
A historical royal name is under threat as Queen Daniella comes to her end and the name 'Daniella', which has gone back for centuries in the royal family, is to be extinct from the significant name list for good or until the next baby is named Daniella. Prince Mathew and Princess Janet will hopefully be the next people to name their baby Daniella, to
the honored name.
Buy Of The Week
Tuesday, 11 March 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
After this incident the number of
s are predicted to


Up In Sadness

Sydney, Australia
John Malcomey, a
from the northern parts of WA

Accompanying a group of young university students on a late Saturday afternoon, Malcomey was walking with his charges when the uni kids started talking medical
, from which they were studying.

Another man walking along Smith Street at the time was listening in on the conversation, which he couldn't 'properly' understand, and thought that they were being racist to his country (Hong Kong). He leapt onto the group but, doing his job, Malcomey stood infront of the kids and instead got knocked to the ground. He then got pummeled by the man.

Doctors said that the pain would only be
, but he died a few days later. His family are yearning for him and we will remember him as a great man.
Our Weathermen predict a beautiful day today. Sunny skies, 34 degrees celsius and no cloud or rain. A cool night will slowly develop and by midnight it will be 19 degrees celsius.
The Daily Telegraph
Michael Jordan
Quote of the Day
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