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The Salon Professional Image

No description

Marissa Vettoretti

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The Salon Professional Image

By: Marissa, Shazia, Sofia, Zenub =] The Professional Salon Image 1.Keep floors clean. Sweep hair after every client. Mop floors and vacuum carpets every day What is Professional Salon Image? Making Stylists look professional while keeping the salon clean and protecting the clients safety and health. 2.Keep trash in trash bin. Control dust, hair and other debris. 3.Light all work areas. 4.Keep restrooms clean, including door handles. 5.Never place food in refrigerators, use them to store salon products.
6.Make sure all containers are properly labeled and stored.
7.Avoid touching your face, mouth, and eye areas while working on clients.
8.Clean all work surfaces after every client.
9.Always make sure you’re using fresh towels on clients.
11.Do not take short cuts for cleaning or disinfection. It is important to protect your clients health and safety. Why is it Important? The professional salon image concerns the safety and health of the client. Disease could be passed from patient to patient if the salon isn't cleaned correctly.
10.Use exhaust systems in a salon. Keep replacing the air in the salon with fresh air at least four times every hour. Important safety rules Find three places in the picture where a rule would need to be maintained to keep a professional salon image
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