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Absolute Monarch Project: Philip II of Spain

No description

Johnmichael Fernandez

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Absolute Monarch Project: Philip II of Spain

Absolute Monarch Project: Philip II of Spain
By: Johnmichael Fernandez
Political Views
Philip II believed in Divine Right Monarchy so he could rule Spain with no competition. He also abused his power to order illegal acts for example murder. He would also try to do anything to keep his domain strict to Catholicism and he will get rid of protestantism with anything under his sleeve. and he would do this by war, passing laws, or
Religious Views
Philip II was a very powerful Catholic in times of a full force protestant revolt. He believed that he was a lay-defender of the church. He also had a lot of authority for example he had final say on ecclesiastical appointments and final say on papal bulls. He sent all of his cardinals to the Council of Trent for the counter-reformation in Rome.
Social Policies and Programs
King Philip II used his control over the Spanish Inquisition to keep the protestants in check inside Spain and around his territory.
Personal Issues
Some of his personal issues were that he married 4 times and now is king of over 4 countries do to marriage . Also when the Spanish Armada was destroyed by the English he never rules the same and he felt defeated as a person. He also had to go through the decision to change tradition and make Madrid the capital.
Intellectual Influences
When Philip II ordered that the capital be moved to Madrid he also started the building of a new palace in Madrid called El Escorial. Which was a huge architectural advance for Spain.
Wars and Conflicts
Philip II has fought many wars but here are the main ones; Ottoman Empire ( He did not want Islamic people to gain power in the Mediterranean so he broke out into war.), English (Philip wanted to punish England for becoming protestant so he sent his Armada and was defeated), Netherlands(The Netherlands wanted to become independent from Spain so they fought against Spain to become free but Philip didn't give up but the Netherlands did become independent do to treaties.), Papal States ( Philip attacked the Papal States and took up some lands in retaliation of Pope Paul IV's anti-Spanish outlook.) French War's of Religion ( Philip with the Catholic League helped Henry II in his counter reformation wars against the Huguenots and this all ended when they signed the Treaty of Versailles.)
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