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The Snow Man

English poetry project

Jenny Kwon

on 12 June 2010

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Transcript of The Snow Man

The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens Wallace Stevens Oct. 2, 1879 ~ Aug. 2, 1955 Harvard New York Law School Elsie Viola Kachel Holly, 1924 New York Times Kew West, Florida
- Casa Marina Robert Frost Ernest Hemingway Harmonium National Book Award The Snow Man becoming "one" with the scene think as a snowman study of reality imagination vs. reality self- control,
contemplation NO imagination
YES reality Imagery utopia "frost and the boughs"
"pine-trees crusted with snow"
"junipers shagged with ice"
"sound of the wind" imagination "pine-trees crusted with snow"
"sound of the few leaves"
"junipers shagged with ice"
"spruces rough in the distant glitter of the January sun"
"sound of the land" COLD "the listener beholds
nothing that is not there
and the nothing that is"
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