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ABC Journey

No description

Catherine Bornhorst

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of ABC Journey

ABC COMMUNITY SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP A PRESENTATION ON PROGRESS AND RESULTS 2012 WHEELS STARTED TURNING IN 2006 Intergovernmental Community Schools Agreement (IGA) Between FORMALIZED IN 2007 With a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) between COA, BernCO, APS, United Way of CNM, and ABEC ABC Community Schools Partnership ABQ Business Education Compact (ABEC) Board Members 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Mayor's Office Rey Garduno Brad Winter Gilbert Montano Art De La Cruz Wayne Johnson Maggie Hart-Stebbins AnaLee Maestas Lorenzo Garcia Diego Gallegos Jennifer Mastripolito Danette Townsend Schools INITIAL CONTRIBUTION $400,000 from APS, COA, Bernco, and ABEC
funded by WK Kellogg Foundation though Institute for Educational Leadership and Coalition for Community Schools EC-LINKAGES $255,000 over 3 years UNM-FDP UNM Family Development Program (FDP) forms partnership with ABC-CSP to link Circles of Support and ABC grants PILOT-GRANTS Early 2008
ABC Community School Partnership begins to invest in community school development SUCCESS BY 8 MAY 2010
Community School System Planning Grant (Success by 8) funded by WK Kellogg Foundation $400,000 over 18 months 1. 2. 3. 4. Pajarito Helen Cordero Manzano Mesa La Mesa Systems capacity of city of albuquerque city of albuquerque city of albuquerque bernalillo county bernalillo county bernalillo county albuquerque public schools albuquerque public schools albuquerque public schools albuquerque business education compact united way current Future This is a huge mountain, and we have made considerable progress. Goal 1: Create a community schools shared vision and results framework that includes an early childhood focus. Objective: Engage ABC stakeholders in a collaborative process to develop vision, mission, and practices. Goal 2: Develop a supportive policy and finance infrastructure Objective 1: Establish a finance infrastructure with a performance and results based framework.

Objective 2: Utilize the unity of partnership stakeholders to leverage additional funding to support the program and create a structure for redeploying existing funding. Goal 3: Cultivate a shared community school leadership model. Objective 1: Increase capacity among school, district, and provider leadership around community school development, sustainability, and quality instruction.

Objective 2: Facilitate leadership development to challenge conventional thinking and practice to support change within and across systems.

Objective 3: Enlist a broad range of EC community support through public, non-profit, and private organizations in the targeted areas. Goal 4: Cultivate authentic family partnerships. Objective: Foster positive family, school, and community relationships for shared decision-making. Goal 5: Develop stable and flexible systems to support the community schools model. Objective 1: Create partnership infrastructure and systems alignment to support the community schools model.

Objective 2: Develop comprehensive intra- and inter-agency policies at the district, city, and county to support community schools and a P-20 system. George Otero Report Resources Sites capacity of MINI-GRANTS Two Early Childhood Demonstration sites awarded mini-grants for implementation: Pajarito Elementary School and COA Child and Family Development Center in partnership with Manzano Mesa Elementary School $40,000 over 2 years from the original $255,00 Linkages seen as active demonstration site for SB8 planning grant Michelle Bloodworth
Catherine Bornhorst 2009 2010 2011 2012 Early Childhood Linkages grant funded through Institute of Educational Leadership April Michelle Bloodworth as consultant and evaluator October ABC partners with FDP May April Pajarito and CABQ Office of Child and Family Development awarded Linkages mini-grants ABC contracts with ThinkWorks to help ABC develop shared vision and mission March May Systems Workgroup is created to strengthen collaboration across silos Dan Gerry Heather Vaughn Danette Townsend Kiran Katira Lois Vermilya Marsha McMurray-Avila Anna Horner Angelo Gonzales Swechha Singh Vi Florez Michelle Bloodworth Catherine Wolfe Jennifer Mastripolito May Success by 8 Grant funded by WK Kellogg Foundation October Anna Horner hired as EC-CS system grant coordinator Portland trip to learn about SUN Service System and attend Strive national convening Sept. Kiran Katira Vi Florez Michelle Bloodworth Anna Horner Dan Gerry Angelo Gonzales Danette Townsend Diego Gallegos Analee Maestas Teresa Brito-Asenap Financial planning meeting with Jane Quinn Four elementary school communities selected after interview process with APS as sites for Success by 8 May June UNM Family Development Program host first Neighborhood Leadership Institute through Circles of Support Grant UNM Family Development Program host second Neighborhood Leadership Institute through Circles of Support Grant June March ABC Community School Partnership hires Jose Munoz as Executive Director synergy the system and sites inform each other Jackie Lovato
principal Reynaluz Juarez
community organizer Ellen Griffiths
principal Lucia Sanchez-Ramirez
community organizer Peggy Candalaria
principal Deanna Creighton-Cook
community organizer Gene Saavedra
principal Lidia Regino
community organizer
[Awarded pilot grant 2007 and Linkages mini-grant 2010]
Deeply engaged families in leadership development and shared decision-making (Parent Advisory Council)
Focused outreach by community organizer revealed highly supportive neighborhood community
Family liaison Primary school with strong capacity for engaging families with young children not yet in school
Principal acted as early childhood leader
Planning for community garden
Full-time parent liaison [Awarded Linkages mini-grant in 2010 with CABQ CDC]
Community school development team
Parent Action Committee (PAC) Retreat
Strong and trusting community organizer/principal relationship
Linkages site-coordinator Principal with long history of community school experience
Community school council
Family room with early childhood resources PRESENT RESULTS AND INDICATORS SUBCOMMITTEE RBA framework to use data to look at population results and program performance POPULATION RESULTS PROGRAM PERFORMANCE shared responsibility for education schools are safe, healthy, and welcoming schools provide high quality and equitable opportunities to learn children and youth succeed in school children and youth are ready to make seamless and successful transitions from cradle to career children, youth, and adults contribute to their community by being connected and engaged the amount of blended funding (financial)
organizations develop policies that promote shared decision-making (school, county, city, every level)
shared responsibility is defined amongst the partners in formalized written agreements
number of partnerships students and families feel welcome and respected
students and families feel their students are safe
students provide access and students participate in physical activity
students and families have access to participate in nutrition education accelerated learning opportunities (dual credit, AP, IB)
teacher quality
out of school time opportunities and participation
continuity of leadership
class size and school size graduation rate
reading and math proficiencies at all grade level
achievement gap school readiness
early warning indicators
social and emotional factors participation in service learning
student mobility rates
parent participation Community organizers contracted with ABC to support site-level development June Dec. Community Schools Alignment workgroup is created to engage those in ABQ doing CS work YDI/Elev8, UNM-CLCP, Sawmill Advisory Council, Santa-Barbara Martinez Town, South Valley Academy, NACA, APS Health and Wellness, APS Community Schools and Partnerships Facilitating Conditions Hindering
Conditions Development of strong relationships with Albuquerque's strong network of early childhood leaders and providers Neighborhood Leadership Teams build individual and neighborhood capacities that support young children and their families and help community schools become early childhood resources Community school development at the site level focused on intentional community engagement outside of school building ABC-CSP model that was developed places community at forefront of decision-making process Board engagement and understanding of ABC potential Those who had already been implementing community school strategies felt that the selection of four "new" schools ignored their needs and experiences Unclear leadership, clarity of roles, and vision to move system work forward Lack of communication between system and site levels hindered trust and a cohesive vision for moving forward Distraction created by courting a funder such as WKKF Site level work distracted focus on system level develop
Site selection was perhaps premature Lack of trust between CBOs and schools resulted in lack of buy-in for a lead partner CS model ABC has embraced a challenge few others have attempted to tackle in Albuquerque. February ABC learns WKKF will not fund implementation Linkages and SB8 projects merge SITE LEVEL SYSTEM LEVEL Sneak Peek - Under Construction
Townhall Meeting about community schools
Born to Read
Summer Pre-K Transition and Enrichment Programs Early childhood story-time and ESL classes in the community
After-school programs (kidscook! and science club with Sandia)
Homework diner
Community garden Project Health - free screenings for adults during parent-teacher conferences
Tiny Turtle Time and ESL classes
Home to School backpacks 270 workshops
572 parents
308 educators
171 other community members
Neighborhood Leadership Academy
Two 3-day Institutes
NLT at each site Capacity building around Early Childhood
Partnership and support from FDP
Neighborhood Leadership Team
Nurtured Heart Approach trainings GED and ESL classes
Summer enrichment programming 750 formal and informal community school coversations Councilmen Winter and Garduno pursue ABC management of EMSI funds June ABC adopts Results Based Accountability framework Capacity building for community school leadership and development
Regular meetings with school teams
Travel to national meetings
Convened monthly leadership meetings
Presentation to CS development teams COA Office of Child and Family Development, APS Early Childhood Program, Bernalillo County Pregnancy Task Force, Home Visitation Group, ECAP, UNM-FDP, etc. Need for dedicated full-time staff at both the system and site levels to bring energy for moving our community school vision forward KEY LEARNING Executive Director Jose Munoz COA Office of Child and Family Development, APS Early Childhood Program, Bernalillo County Pregnancy Task Force, Home Visitation Group, ECAP, UNM-FDP, etc. Diana Montoya Winston Brookes Art De La Cruz Monica Zamora Brad Winter Danette Townsend
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