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Preparing Students for Their Futures: The 21st Century Curriculum Coach

No description

Michael Soskil

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Preparing Students for Their Futures: The 21st Century Curriculum Coach

Preparing Students for Their Futures
The world has changed
This is where I can help
Together, we're going to help students do amazing things this year.
How it works
We'll meet during your planning time and discuss what you are teaching, ideas for integrating 21st Century skills, and what preparations need to be done ahead of time.
I'll help you acquire and set up resources needed before the lesson: digital camera, iPad, contacts, microphones, student log-ins for websites, etc.
During the lesson, I'll be in your room to support you in implementing the 21st Century Skills.
After/during the lesson we'll find ways to publish student work for parents, community, other students, etc.
We'll give each other feedback on what went well and what could have gone better.
Throughout the entire process I am in a support role.
Content delivery is great for standardization
Standardization was great for preparing workers for the industrial revolution.
Since the start of the industrial revolution, school has been a content delivery system.
Companies aren't looking for those with the most knowledge, they are looking for those who can do the most with knowledge.
School, for the most part, hasn't
Information isn't difficult or expensive to obtain anymore
10 Skills Most Desired by 2013 Employers
1.Critical Thinking
2.Complex Problem Solving
3.Judgment and Decision Making
4.Active Listening
5.Computers and Electronics
7.Operations and Systems Analysis
10.Sales and Marketing
Source: Forbes Magazine
Source: witlock.com
Source: FEMA
This is what the 21st Century Workplace looks like.
It's time to prepare our kids for their futures.
Nobody knows what content our students will need when they graduate. We do know that they'll need to be able to create, innovate, think critically, and communicate well.
Source: Flickriver
Source: Discovery Education
Source: takepart.com
You know your content. You know your students.
I can provide opportunities for global collaboration, resources, ideas, and support to build 21st Century skills.
This is where the magic happens!
21st Century Curriculum Support Coach
Source: Education Week
Source: cambridgeexhibitions.tumblr.com
Source: cigarlabelblog.wordpress.com
You run the show.
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