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No description

el amri issam

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Sport

Roller hockey It is a sport in which it(he,she) treats that it is disputed between(among) two equipments(teams) of five players (four players of track and a doorman), with two desks, in a field closed by a fence with the rounded corners. The players move thanks to a few skates of four (parallel) wheels and a stick or stick(wood) of wood use with curved form to lead a ball of rubber.
History: It thinks that it was invented at the end of the 19th century in England by Edward Crawford, as an adjustment of the ice hockey The track of game in the shape of rectangle, must present a few proportionate dimensions, in which the longitudinal extension must correspond(fit) to the double of the width, and whose(which) limits are the following ones:

Minim - 34 x 17
meters Standard - 40 x 20
meters Maxim - 44 x 22 meters Area of game: Elements of game and equipment: -The stick -The ball -The skates -Protections 6.1 Championship of the World
6.2 Europa's Championship
6.3 American Championship
6.4 Asian Championship
6.5 African Championship More important championships BY: ISSAM EL AMRI ALEX MARIN NOGALES Boys, you have mixed two different types of hockey; be careful!!! You also have to not use google translator to translate EVERYTHING! I am happy that you have done it!
Mark: 6
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