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Slave Owner v.s Slave

No description

Gene Monahan

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Slave Owner v.s Slave

Slave Owner

Slave owners always get served food by other people or slaves. They never make their own food. "No mention of scarcity, in fact it seems unlimited." Slave owners receive desserts like chocolate cake. They also receive freshly cooked meats like beef, fish, lamb and goose. Again it's basically unlimited.

Slaves always had to make their own food. They might even not be fed meat for one week because they might not have any. "Scarce" was usually the word when it came to food. Food was dependent on the slave owner and "heavily rationed". The only foods that they were fed were corn, meat(such as bacon), and fish.
Slave Owner
Slave owner v.s slave.
By: Mary Kate Anglim

Slave Owners clothes are of much higher quality. Some people described it as "Neat, soft, strong, and polished". They also had accessories like gloves and ribbons. Purchasing occurs as desired or needed.

Slaves clothes are of much poorer quality than slave owners. " Slaves only received one pair of shoes, one pair of stockings, one hat, two shirts, and two pair of pants yearly." In the cold weather they would freeze for they would have thin clothes.
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Slave Life
In conclusion life was very hard for a slave. Working in the field all day, not being served enough food,or being treated poorly. It was horrible. Life was never good for a slave.
Slave Owner Life
In conclusion, life as a slave owner was great. You were never treated poorly, always given food and had warm clothes. Unlike the slaves.
Thanks For Watching!
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