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Filsan Filter

No description

Hazar Afiat

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Filsan Filter

Filters & Separators

Çerkeşli OSB. Mah. IMES OSB. IMES Bulvarı No:26 Dilovası/Kocaeli-TURKEY
Tel: +90 262 722 93 90-91 / 0262 722 93 68-69
+90 262 722 93 59

About Us
Air oil separators
Spin-on type air/oil separator
Spin-on type oil filters
Air Filters:
Air Filters with Metalic End Caps
Air Filters with Metalic End Caps

Radial Seal Filters
In Line Filters
Particulate Filters
Coalescing Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
Gas Turbine and Dust Collector Filters
Vacuum Pump Filters
Trade Mark
Air Filters with Plastic End Caps:
Air Filters
with metalic
End Caps:

Filsan Filter was founded in 1980 and has been giving service in a reliable, qualified and sincere way. The company has started manufacturing filter
products on 1980 for local and foreign automobile industry and diversified its product range to Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters and Hydraulic Filters for heavy duty vehicles, industrial machines and construction machinery.

The effects of 'always exceed the customer expectations' understanding, is the main reason of being acknowledged and excepted as one of the best production units in Turkey and foreign countries. By the year of 1988, a new dimension of stepping into foreign markets was accomplished for its quality and performance. After the Air/Oil Separator manufacturing; with the expansion of the product line; we have become a well-known manufacturer/exporter to nearly 30 countries; majorly Europian, Asian and Middle Eastern. The manufacture of Radial filters, Filters for Vacuum Pumps, In Line Filter elements (Replacement Filters Elements), Spin-On type Separators and Spin-On Type Oil Filters, Gas Turbine Filters, Dust collector air filters has started and the company keeps on adapting new and innovative ways of technology and production.

The company's will to serve the customers in the most easy, efficient, discipline way continues on growing as it goes beyond its limits and customer's expectations.
We are proud to serve our customers in local and foreign markets with our young and dynamic technical staff. We thank you for your patronage and
wish to work with you on your next purchase.

Thank you for your interest. For more information, you can visit us from the links below.



In Line filters protect your equipment from dust, dirt, oil and water. Dust will wear down your equipment and it can make pneumatic control valves get stuck. Especially when the dirt and dust is combined with oil (which is often the case with compressors).

Filsan’s In Line air filters have a lower pressure-drop then low-quality ones. This will save you energy. Every pressure drop in your system (from filters, dryers, long piping etc.) will require you to put your compressor on a higher setpoint, which will cost you extra electricity. Over time, dust will accumulate in your filters. All this dust will cause an extra obstacle for the compressed air. This means the pressure drop over your filter will become higher over time.

Low-quality air filters will clog up quicker than Filsan’s In Line filters. This means that you'll have to buy new filters more often. But it also means that the pressure drop over your filter will become higher, quicker, with low-cost air filters.
You can buy the filter elements separately from the housing, so you can change them to get high performance. When shopping for In Line Filters, keep in mind that quality is important. Filsan In Line filters will produce cleaner air, which means fewer problems with your equipment.

Particulate Filters:
Particulate compressed air filters are used to remove dust and particles from the air.
Coalescing filters:

Coalescing filters are used to capture oil and/or moisture that is suspended in the compressed air in very tiny droplets.
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