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The Life of a Cowboy Language 7

No description

Kailey Weichel

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of The Life of a Cowboy Language 7

The Real Story of A Cowboy's Life Story By: Geoffrey C. Ward Prezi By: Kailey "Crazy Cat Basketball Player" Weichel (picture recommended by Shaebear) Point Of View The Point of View for my Story was
a narrative or third person. Main Characters Teddy Blue- a Texas rancher in charge of a drive of cattle Theme The theme of my story was that you should be proud of your career and always take care of your task. The harder the work the more effort it will pay off in the end. Loving your career and working hard also gives you more knowledge and experience to help the people that don't understand something you will be there and be able to help the beginners or some one with a question. Summary The summary of my story was how to act on a cattle drive.
On a cattle drive you need to watch any sudden movements, be aware, and pay attention. You can't be sleeping on the job without a lookout for a cow runner and thieves for your beef. One important thing you must not forget to do is sing very low and quiet at night because your singing would limit the amount of other noises that could spook your herd. But mostly just enjoy the outdoors and the animals. Setting On a desert trail, on a plain, in Texas. On the desert it is hot, dry and dirty. You can cough up the dust in your throat, but not out of your lungs. If you are less experienced you hang up for the stragglers behind with all the dust. If you are a more experienced you are at the beginning of the herd where you are making most of the dust for the beginners back behind. Thank You For Watching my prezi
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