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The Amazing Rainforest

No description

Karen Simmons

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of The Amazing Rainforest

The Amazing Rainforest
There are so many awesome amazing cool animals that live in the rain forest.I am going to name a few like birds, snakes, jaguar, and much more.
The weather is very warm,hot , rainy,and much more.The weather is nice but not so nice like I said befor it is called the Rainforest which means it rains a lot.

There are so many different plants in the rainforest.For an example flowers, vines, Animals that look like a plant and eat it's pray when it comes.Plants are also all different colors and shapes. Most plants in the rain forest are brown or green or the colors like that.Flowers are round most of the time.
A lot of animals live in different enviorments.But these animals live in the rainforest and it's everting there. Like for an example the rainforest is hot, humid,rainy and mush more. you are also going to hear how the weather is in the rainforest in a few seconds.
Kinds Of Animals
There are pictures coming up that are some plants that are in the rain forest.

There is 4 layers of the rainforest.The rainforest has waterfalls,animals,lots of trees,and rocks.There is going to be information about animals,the layers of the rainforest,and different types of trees
There are many different kinds of animals in the rainforest.Some animals hove spots on them and some don't. Almost every animals have different colors or something like that.Even animals don't eat the same thing or stripes or anything ever animal is different.
By:Katherine Michelle Clark
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