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4.10 Outline Your Argument

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layla scarpati

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of 4.10 Outline Your Argument

4.10 Outline Your Argument
Body Part 1 (Counterclaim)
While i do agree that Brutus is a betrayer there is much evidence that he was actually a patriot instead. Brutus was a very honorable man and a very noble man and always wanted to do what was best for his country. In this particular situation the best thing he thought he could do for his country was get rid of Caesar. He thought that if Caesar was gone things for his people and for his country would somehow get better. He was even very hesitant at first to comply with this plan because he did not want to hurt his friend. However, he was convinced to do so and was convinced it was the right thing to do which is why he agreed with this malicious plan. He really did not want to bring harm and pain to his beloved friend but if that what had to be done to bring good to his country that is what he was going to do. He did it not out of hatred but out of love for his own country, making him a patriot.
To continue with the statement that Brutus was a patriot, he was given false information on Caesar. He was told that Caesar had plans for his country that did not have good intentions so he thought that he had to get rid of him in order to save his country. So that is why he did what he did. He thought that he loved Caesar but he loved his country more so he had to do what had to be done. However he is still a betrayer because he didn't even bother trying to talk to Caesar about getting confirmation on this evidence or information.
Body part 2 (Claim)
Brutus was definetly a betrayer. Although he thought what he was doing was in good intentions the whole situation is still unfair. Even if he was doing was out of love for Rome what about his love for his dear friend Caesar? Is that okay to break down another human being along with a beloved friendship because you thought it was the right thing? Whatever the thought process what it still had bad motives from the beginning.

Plus, even if what he did was right, shouldn't he have the decencey to confront Caesar first and get his side of the story? it's almost like he wanted to believe that this whole situation was true. He made no effort to try to solve the problem in another way as though he didn't care for Caesar or their friendship at all. Therefore, he is a betrayer.
After reading this story it is time to answer the question most everyone has been thinking since the beginning. Is Brutus a betrayer or is he a patriot? Overall i would have to say that Brutus is definetly a betrayer. Brutus went behind Caesar's back to hurt him because of information he was told. However, he could also be mistaken as a patriot because he was doing what he thought was best for his country and for his fellow citizens. But he did in fact help murder Caesar with not even evidence or confirmation that Caesar did what Brutus was told he did, making him a betrayer.
While this may seem confusing even to me i still have made the decision that Brutus is overall a betrayer. He is a good man and may have had some good intention but in the end what he did was just overall wrong. He decieved Caesar and many people of Rome and for that he should be seen as a betrayer.
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