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Art around the world

English 12 Final Project 2013

Jemina Järvilehto

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Art around the world

Art around the world

Asian Art
The Great wave off Konagawa by Katsushi Hokusai 1832
Jemina Järvilehto
Aboriginal Art : rock art
-Dates back more than 30 000 years
-Based on the Dreaming and religious ceremonies
- One of the most exciting collections on Dampier Archipelago
-Part of world´s oldest cultural tradition
African Art
The Inevitable by Ibrahem El Salahi 1985
-El Salahi was imprisoned for six months without trial
-Started to draft his painting with a toothbrush in the sand in the lack of pen and paper while being in prison
-Describes his time in prison, government´s betrayal and the uprising of the short democratic period in Sudan
-Painting consists of nine panels -->time spent in prison

The Birth of Venus by Botticelli c.1486
European Art
Art in Latin America
Frida Kahlo: Self-portrait with a thorn necklace and a hummingbird, 1940
Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol 1962
Art in the States
Art is affected by many factors, such as history, culture and the artist's own backgrounds. Exploring art is a way to construe and understand the world from different perspectives.

"Art is a lie that enables us to realize the thruth."
-Pablo Picasso
Geometrical figures
Simple figurative style
Dampier archipelago
Silhouettes, "x-ray"-style
The name aboriginal comes from words ab original, which means "from the beginning." They don´t have sources, so aboriginal art has helped a lot with studying the cultural history.
Did you know?
The Guernica by Pablo Picasso
Can you see the similarity?
-European Renaissance
-One of world´s most famous and appreciated masterpieces
-Inspiration comes from Latin literature
-Groundbreaking painting at its time; non-Christian theme, nudity
Japanaiserie by Vincent Van Gogh; influenced by Japaniese prints
Part of the collection thirty-six wievs of Mount Fuji*
*Partly via Hokusai´s collection, Mont Fuji has become the symbol of Japanaise religions, Buddhism, and Shintoism.
Mt. Fuji has been seen as the source of the secret of immortality
Each of the 36 images was made through a process whereby an image drawn on paper was used to guide the cutting of a wood block
This collection made him famous, but only in Japan because it was isolated during his lifetime
Hokusai became a painter by the influence of his father
Inspired to paint about death, suffer and the precense of death by the happenings in her own life.
Was diagnosed to have polio at the age of six, got into a life-changing car accident when she was 18 and struggelled with several abortions and devorces.
Warhol was the pioneer of pop art

-just in case
you didn't know-
Animistic religions --> adoring nature
Symbolism in the painting:
-thorns, pain
-hummingbird, luck to love
-black cat, death and bad luck
--monkey, devil
Inspired by Marilyn Monroe's life and death --> colors and faiding
Nowadays Warhol has the biggest museum dedicated to one single artist in the USA
The pictures and the information plus the video in the beginning are from the sites that are mentioned in the bibliography.
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