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Animal abuse and Abandonment

No description

Greg Selk

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Animal abuse and Abandonment

Animal Abuse and Abandonment Our Side Our Statement Animal abuse affects the food chain in the enviroment, and then if people capture those animals they might return it to the humane society and it costs alot of money to keep all of the animals and maybe eventually kill them. Facts/Statistics Every year 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter sheltersand 3 to 4 million shelter dogs and cats are killed.

13% of international animal abusecases involve domestic violence 70% of animal abusers also had records for other crimes Incidents
In Southwestern Minnesota a cat named Timothy was glued to the interstate. July 8, 2007 Caring for Cats, a St.Paul animal shelter, recieved a 4 month old kitten who was found in a parking lot nearby Maplewood, Minnesota. The kitten had a shoelace wrapped around her neck and an oily substance with sand embeded in her mouth and whiskers. She also had a feverand multiple lesions to her right rear leg and paw and her right front paw pad was red and raw. Reasons
Most people who abuse animals dont realize they are doin it. Like they don't pay attention, or using cruel ways of discipline. Some people do it on purpose but don't do it for a long time, because they arent thinking, or cant stand up to their freinds, or peer pressure. The last group of people who do it, they do it intentionally to hurt animals because they enjoy hurting things, or it makes the feel powerfull The Abuser's Side of the Story On
Animal Abuse and Abandonment Expert Opinions Debra Horowitz (specializes in and teaches animal behavior courses at Mizzou) thinks that animal percieved inapropriate behavior may play a role Debra also says in her book "to give up because of behavior problems is really hard", people often feel at fault. Facts/Statistics 9,000 animals were humanely destroyed in St.Louis 18 million animals, 15% of countrys cats and dogs end up in shelters Reasons Many people abandon their pet because they are allergic or they are moving to a new house and have no room. animal behavior like aggression, house soiling, disruptive behavior, and compulsive behavior lead to people abusing animals. Also like a dog chewing furniture may mean the animals dont have appropriate outlets for play and exploration or be suffering from separation anxiety, so then the owners hurt them. Animal Abuse and Abandonment How Can You Help? What the ASPCA says you can do is just to get the courage to speak up for those who cant speak for them selves. You can also set an example and take care of others and encourage others to do the same. You could volunteer at a local animal shelter Or you could write a letter to a goverment official
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