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How Sound Create Atmosphere

No description

Leng Leng

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of How Sound Create Atmosphere

Besides, the tone will bring effect to listener as well. It is equally as important as rhythm. A major key music signifies joy and cheerful emotion to our brain, where a minor key signifies depression and gloomy.
“Music doesn’t only affect your mood. Music affects the way your brain respond chemically. It may also affect the nervous system in brain.” - Rathmines
Sound Frequency
High frequency
>higher amplitude and shorter wavelength
Can also be described as manufactured sounds, which form a music which is formed of different tune of sound, arranged according to the editor/composer to perform their desireble music.
According to researchers, rhythm and tones are the factors which affect the most to our emotions. When we listen to a rhythm, our heart will begin to sync with it. Slow heart beat usually represent sad or depression, whereas fast heart beat relate with uplifting, pleasant mood.
Sound Waves
High vs Low Frequency
How Sound Create Atmosphere
A wave which is introduced into medium by vibrating object such as air and water before reaching to our ear.

Low frequency
>lower amplitude and longer wavelength
The Visualized Sound
The video is
experiment. Cymatics is the
study of visible sound and vibration
. It is a study of modal phenomena. Typically a surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane is vibrated, with the thin coating of medium on top of it such as liquid, powder, particles or paste. Resulting
patterns formed by mediums depending on the vibration and geometry of the plate and the driving frequency.
From this video, we can see that the variety of pattern changes depending on the pitch of the sound. The
lower pitch sound
resulted a
simpler pattern
(with a big circle at the centre), the
higher pitch sound
resulted a
more complicated pattern
. The forming of pattern is worked as while the sound frequency was applied on the plate, it causes some parts of the plate vibrate, resulting the sand being forced from a vibrating surface to a non-vibrating surface, and thus forming a pattern which was a visualized sound from that particular pitch of tone.
This experiment is interesting, as it could explain how sound affect on our brain. The sound waves may affect to our brain frequency as what it does to the sand. Lower frequency of sound resulting in low frequency activity in our brain, causing us to feel relaxed. Whereas high frequency sound may cause high frequency activity in our brain just like the forming of complicated pattern, making us feel boosted and excited.
Detail of the background sound
Instrument used
Key of music (major/minor)
Rhythm and beats
Frequency of tone
Sound Atmosphere In Game
Bioshock Infinite contains many detail sound in their background: foot steps, the sound of machine working (steam releasing from machine), human speaking voice, bird quirking voice, sound of explosion from far and so on. When we close the eyes, we can feel that we are involved in the game. The sound effects are so detailed that it makes the game world lively.
Slender Man is another game which creates good atmospheric sound. You can notice footstep sound on wet grasses, cricket sound, tree leaves and grasses waving. As the game progresses, you can listen the breath gasping sound from the character itself, plus some sound effect to make the atmosphere creepier. The static noise happens when the Slender Man is at nearby, which this is the sound which freaks people out.
Instrument Used
Instruments have played an important role in creating sound effect and music. The types of instrument being used determine how the effect will be. If we want to create a peaceful music, the composer may choose instrument which are more likely simple, its sound can be sustained because they are usually in slow pace. For this we can look for instrument such as piano or violin in making a peaceful music.
It is an instrument which is called Waterphone. the sound it created is creepy enough, and it is frequently used in creating sound effects in horror movie.
Factors Which Influence Sound Atmosphere
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