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Here is a Sample Prezi (for Physics Teachers)

Yep - it's true. I am a part-time physics teacher. Teaching the basic laws of the universe has challenged me in so many ways! Shout out to Dr. Ludwig from Marianopolis...

Erin Stashin

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Here is a Sample Prezi (for Physics Teachers)

Introduction to Forces
Law of Universal Gravitation
Mass vs. Weight
Physics 5043
Forces & Energy
My nighttime physics students are welcome to use this package as a course review for
5043 Forces & Energy.

What is a force?
What are examples of forces?
This presentation is a

Erin Stashin
Erin Stashin, B.Sc
Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation
Force Categories
Non Contact
Three Laws
Law of inertia
Second Law
F = m * a
Third Law
Equal and opposite
Overview of Force Laws (11 min)

Forces are Vectors
(magnitude and direction)
Vector Equilibrium
2nd Law
3rd Law
First Law
1st Law
In progress...

Please come back in a few days.
We can have negative values for force.
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