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Ping Pong Ball Launcher

No description

Max Hau

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Final Design Concept
Being able to use either springs or elastic bands as the launching mechanism for the design makes the canon slingshot an appealing option. The different types of launching mechanisms ensure the ability to shoot the ball from the range of 2 to 8 meters. Having adjustable angles of launch enables the launcher to achieve the desired parabolic arch to maximize chances of getting the ball in the target.

Test Data
Must shoot ball into targets that range from 2-8m
Durable structure with solid base.
Size of launcher must fit into predetermined box size.
Must be spring/elastic powered.
Adjustable angle of launch.
Accurately shoot as many ping pong balls within 1 minute.
Material List
Paper Towel Tube
Hot Glue
Elastic bands
Metal rods
Utility knife
Ping pong balls
Ping Pong Ball Launcher
Schematic Diagram
Purpose:Build a launcher using elastic power in order to shoot a ping pong ball. Concepts of dynamics must be taken into account while building this product.
#3 Catapult
Used in medieval times as one of the most effective projectile motion launchers in its time, the catapult provides a great parabolic arch for the launched object.Thus greatly increasing the percentage of balls getting into the bucket. Uses elastic bands as the launching mechanism.
#4 Canon Slingshot
Incorporating a mixture between the abilities of the slingshot and the catapult, the canon slingshot presents a viable option for a launcher. Uses either springs or elastic bands for the launching mechanism.
#1 Mouse Trap Launcher
Minimal amount of materials
Meets the range requirement.
Appropriate size.
#2 Sling Shot Catapult
Elastic powered sling shot based launcher that requires manual loading. Simple design with few materials required. Uses elastic bands as the launching mechanism.
Simple and cost effective design for a ping pong ball launcher. Utilizes a spoon and a mousetrap in order to act as a catapult.Uses a spring arm as the launching mechanism.
Nonadjustable angles of launch.
Slow reloading speed for Part C of assignment.
Easy to build with minimal amount of material required.
Meets the range requirement.
Size fits the box requirement.
Does not have a base.
Slow reloading speed for Part C of assignment.
Shoots ball in a linear trajectory minimizing efficiency.
Can be made to launch at different angles.
Parabolic launch trajectory.
Easy to build.
Hard to control power of launch.
Slow reload time.
May be to big.
High risk of malfunctioning.
Adjustable angle.
Ability to shoot long and short ranges.
Not as large as other designs
Firm base to support structure.
Adjusting power may be difficult.
Requires many materials.
Using the example of basketball. When a ball is shot at angles closer to vertical, the chance of getting it into the hoop increases. This is because the increase of angle, allow for a greater target area of the hoop, therefore giving a better chance of success.
Rationale of angles:
Max Hau
Period 7
Ms. Ting

2 meters
4 meters
6 meters
8 meters
Accuracy %:
*test done with 20 shots at each target.
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