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Personal and Professional Development

No description

Sarah Harkins

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development
P2- Outline the progression routes and the ways in which jobs change with career advancement.
P3 - Complete the Belbin, Honey and Munford and Myres Briggs assessments after you have analysed your prior experience
Detail 4
The aim of this unit is to gain knowledge of the sources of careers information and progression routes and skills to complete a development plan by carrying out a personal assessment, monitor personal and professional development plans and propose further development activities, and prepare for employment or training in hospitality.
By Sarah Harkins
Sources of careers information in the hospitality and event management industry...
A website is a place on the world wide web that contains a series of web pages that may include information on a person, an organisation, general facts, and for this use, job hunting!
The internet is now one of the most popular routes for job hunting.

A particular website that is specific for job hunting is fish4jobs.com
fish4jobs is a site that allows you to job search by typing key words into a search engine, e.g Retail assistant, the site then displays any related jobs for the user.
fish4jobs also includes hyperlinks for other informational pages, such as:
Another helpful website for job hunting in Caterer.com
Caterer.com is a little different to fish4jobs as it specific to jobs within the hospitality industry...
...However Caterer.com has feature hyperlinks that allows you to do more than job search, for example:
Local and national newspapers can be used to find and require information on job searches. To find a job within your surroundings you could look in your local newspaper. If you required a wider scale further away within the country, you would use a national website.
Head Hunter
An agency is a company that help people to find a particular job when an organisation needs them.
CIP recruitment is an agency that specialises in bespoke recruitment for solutions for the manufacturing and the contract catering industry. They provide both permanent and temporary jobs.
reed.co.uk is another agency and is one of the biggest in the UK, due to working with large companies such as compass, coral and 3 network
Progression within a current job (Internal)
Internal employment occurs when a vacancy is advertised internally to give only current employees a chance for either progression, more/less hours, etc.
An example of a company that recruits internally is...
St Monica Trust is a care home that specialises in nursing, respite and dementia care.
The jobs involved in St Monica Trust include:
Catering, and more
I started in this company as a caterer on bank (called in to work when needed)...
...However, after my first year of employment i had showed a great interest in the job and company, therefore my manager approached me to offer a permanent weekend job before externally advertising it, as another employee was leaving.
A Head Hunter is an employee part of an executive recruitment agency that researches qualified personnel throughout their work life.

They can then locate a suitable candidate for a specific job requirement, within a short amount of time.
What do Head Hunters look for?
Hardworking employees
Determination for a better career and a better life
An employee who wants to challenge themselves
Easy to work with
Employment stability
2 Year college course - Events and Hospitality Management
Wedding planner school
Short and long courses...

-Foundation level 1 - £695
-Intermediate level 2 - £695
The wedding planner school
The wedding planner school is then approached by companies looking to recruit wedding and event planners...
...An example of a job vacancy that the school may be offered...
Weston College, Catering Course, Level 1
This will allow potential chefs to learn the following:
Prepare and fry, bake, boil, poach and steam food
Prepare vegetables and fruit
Clean food production area, equipment and utensils
Customer Care
Maintaining a safe and secure working environment
The healthy body
The aspiring chef
Professional cookery, intermediate apprenticeship

This qualification can lead to many career opportunities:
Craft chef - fine/casual dining
Chef De Partie
Sous Chef
Team supervisor

Advanced courses are available once this course has been completed.
Proffessional cookery, Diploma (full - time) Level 2

A one year course made up of 14 units, with topics that would include:
Investigating the Hospitality Industry
Working safely when using specialist equipment
Developing healthy menus for special diets
Designing the perfect kitchen
Advancing your skills and techniques in food in food preperation and cooking
Next step courses:
Proffessional Cookery Diploma Level 3
Event Management or Hotel Management, BTEC Extended Diploma
Career Opportunities:
Work as a chef in the Hospitality Industry
A wide range of other careers including food and beverage and event operations and hotel trainee managment
My career path...
Weston college
Hospitality and Events Management, 2 year course
Short and long courses...

Foundation level 1 *£695
Intermediate level 2 * £695
Wedding planner school
I agree with the results I have received as I enjoy interaction with others and like to imagine what may be yet to come. I also make decisions based on how I am feeling and often let follow my conscience when making decisions.
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