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marely and sophie's awesome project

exlorer chart:-)

marely negrete

on 7 February 2012

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Transcript of marely and sophie's awesome project

vikings Year,1000 Scandavian countries Where they left from: Iceland What they discoverd: Greenland and America How They Traveled: They traveled by a ship Notable facts: The vikings were early ansestorsof the people who now live in the Scandanivain countries of Norway, swedenand Denmark.they were muscular, with fair skinand long blond or red hair. Marco Polo Year,1295 Country: Country: Venice,Italy Where they left from: Venice,Itatly What they discovered: Parts of China How they traveled: They traveled by camels Notable facts: Columbus Year,1492 Country: Genoa,Italy Where they left from: What they discovered: Christopher Columbus,one of the worlds greatest seaman and navigator's,he was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. How they Traveled: Palos, Spain America They traveled by 3 ships Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria. Notable Facts Marco quckily became a favorite of the Khan and he was made an administrator of the court.In that position,he traveled far and wide on missions for the emperor. Cortez Year, Country: Where they left from: What they discovered: How they traveled: Notable Facts fhdsdfhdfsdsdjfkasjdflkjsdalk 1521 Spanish town of Medellin City of Santiago Mexico He traveld by a ship Hernado Cortez first had a fight mexico 1519. After the fight he sent 1 ship back to Cuba. then he went over to the mountain Magellan Cartier Coronado
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