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Dutch Lady

No description

Fa As

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Dutch Lady


Single use plan
the operational plans that developed to address a specific organizational situation which includes programs, projects and budgets.
Locus of decision making
Dutch lady Milk Industries Berhad practices centralization where top managers will make all the decisions and lower-level employees simply carry out those orders.
~ Apply the Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory (SLT)
~ In the Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad, there is a Management Associate Program, which provides opportunity for selected young graduates to work on a rotational basis in the various departments.
~ This program also creates interaction opportunities between experienced and younger staff to exchange ideas and insights

A process begins with objectives, defined strategies, policies and detailed plans in order to achieve them.
* Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory

The Board of Directors
Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad
World Milk Day Celebration

Objective - increase awareness on the daily nutritional benefits of milk to provide vitality to achieve more and enjoy life to the fullest.
12 April 2013 - 26 May 2013

World Milk Day Celebration
= less than 1 millions
The Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd will help Malaysians move forward in life with trusted dairy nutrition.
The Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd aims to reach 1 billion people with dairy nutrition by 2015.
To create value for their owners, in short and long term, by means of profitable dairy activities.
To develop, produce and market a broad range of reliable, natural and nutritious dairy products that contribute to well-being and vitality of life.
To recognize that know-how, quality, dedication and leadership of their employees which are the most crucial assets to achieve their targets.
The employees physiological needs such as food and water are being fulfilled as there are cafeteria at the workplace selling food for the employees
Their safety needs are also fulfilled as they do not have to worry about their position in the job or being fired
The Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad conducts a daily review for supervisors to discuss the previous day's performance and issues
Levels of Delegation
50's - Sweetened condensed milk was imported wholesale from it's parent company in Holland via local importers and wholesalers.
A trading company Friesland(Malaya) Pte Ltd, based in Singapore.( Dutch Baby brand).
Type of Departmentalization
by function
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Distributes 50 000 of milk packs to children.
60's -Pacific Milk Industries(Malaya) Sdn Bhd incorporated in Malaysia.
Converted into a public company and became the first milk company to be listed on the Stock Exchanges of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

70's - Company name changed to Dutch Baby Milk Industries (Malaya) Berhad.
Afruit juice drink under the JOY brand name was introduced.
80's - Manufacture of Sterilised Milk in plastic bottles commenced.

Brand changed from Dutch Baby to Dutch Lady for product positioning reasons.

Dutch Lady Yoghurt and Growing Up Milk were introduced.
90's - A new warehouse was built to accommodate the company's growing business. Human capital started to expand in line with organisational.
Obtained certification under the ISO 9001.

Dutch Lady received the Reader's Digest SuperBrands Gold Award for being the preferred brand of milk products in Malaysia.

The Dutch Lady UHT Plant received HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certificated from the Ministry of Health.
00' - The company changed its name from Dutch Baby Milk Industries(Malaya) Berhad to Dutch Lady with new commitment "Goodness For Life".

2003 - New corporate tagline " Get Ready For Life!" to profile vitality through healthy lifestyles and activities.

2007 - Dutch Lady Malaysia has been bringing Malaysians
together to participate in the annual World Milk Day celebrations initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in 2001. Every year in June, Dutch Lady Malaysia will lead Malaysians in celebrating milk and its contribution towards the health of its citizens.

2011 - Dutch Lady Malaysia was reported as the market share leader in the growing up milk segment with the Dutch Lady brand holding 40% of national market share. Despite a slowdown in the Malaysian dairy industry, Dutch Lady Malaysia was reported to be on track to achieve its RM1 billion sales target for 2013.

> Halal product (Under Islamic Law Of Consumption)
> No favoritism or discrimination
> al-Syura
Management From Islamic Perspective

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd
Jalan 13/6,
46200 Petaling Jaya

- Upward communication

Open door policy is practised in the company where the employees are welcomed to speak up directly whether regarding specific aspects of the business or the activities of the company in general.

To stake holders:
- Fax (03-79532300)

- e-Mail (dutchladycareline@frieslandcampina.com)

- website (www.dutchlady.com.my)

When their social needs are met, the managers will try to fulfil the employees’ self-esteem needs
They will be highly motivated to be the best worker of the company and this will help to increase production as well as efficiency and effectiveness of the company
* The managing director practices delegation and pass formal authority to managers below him.
* Every functional manager is responsible for his department and will have to report to the managing director
The process to ensure that actual activities conform to planned activities

Pre action
The manager will focus on the human resource and material resources

example: The manager will ensure that all materials are enough and the equipment such as machine are in good condition .
Focuses on the transformation process.

The supervisors will ensure that all products are well packaged and ensure there is no problem occurs during the packaging process.

Post Action
Takes place after an action is completed.

The company will get feedback from the customers about their products.
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