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Period 8 Scarsi

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Period 8 Scarsi

Why are cats so good at seeing in the dark?
Cats can see way more light than humans.
The cat eye has rods endowned in it.
These rods work very well in dim light, or total darkness. Cats have a mirror layer in their vision so they can see from behind. The layer is called a tapetum. It's made from cells and it is very reflective. It glows a silvery gold color. But is Siamease cats, it has a ruby red shade of color. There are tons of vessels because the retina is an oxygen-hungry organ. These blood vessels are in front of the retina, so they light up well.
The incoming light enters the the front of the transparent innards of the eye, and enters the retina. Cats can see in total darkness. The reason we don't see these vessels normally is because our brain snips them out of our vision. But the camera does see them, and hence the dreaded red eye in so many flash photos.

By: Christopher Scarsi
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