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The Bath

No description

Madeleine Schneider

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of The Bath

By Janet Frame The Bath Historical Information - Aunt became trapped in a bath and almost died
- Frame deeply affected by this
- Could be seen as the niece in the story Genre and
Structure - Fictional slice of life or realism
- Wants you to identify with the character
- Long flowing sentences = life flowing on
- Use of imagery, metaphors, and similes create a more complete picture
- Woman remains unnamed, allowing the reader more connection
- Third person limited About the Author - Janet Frame
- Born August 28, 1924 and died January 29, 2004
- Attempted suicide and entered therapy
- Later diagnosed as schizophrenic (after her death she was rediagnosed as having autism)
- Lived in Dunedin (where the story takes place)
Characters Old Woman: - Fears getting stuck in the bath
- Generally negative thoughts
- The focus of the story (and thus the main character) John: - The woman's husband, who died 17 years earlier
- Propels the story, she wants to visit his grave
- Seen as the "answer" - if he were alive, everything would be better Symbolism Flowers: Primroses: Can't live without someone
Narcissus: Formality, sweetness
Spring Flowers: New beginning, hope

Colors: Red (Radio and Leaves): Emotional intensity, mourning
Light Purple (Violet): Romantic and nostalgic feelings
White (Clouds): Light goodness, innocence
Pale Blue: Calmness
Green: Growth and harmony
Aqua: Emotional healing
Gold: Feeling of prestige
Dull or Pale Yellow: Decay Other: - The bath turns from white (goodness) to yellow (decay)
- The bath itself is like death or negativity, as is the grave
- Open sea is like emptiness
- Chooses to look at the cracks in the ground (sadness, negativity) versus the clouds (goodness)
- Dark blue primroses with a yellow center = negative around the positive
The Belief in Heaven:
- the story represents the woman's realization that heaven does not exist
- the bath stands for the finality of death, and she want to escape it

- death stands as the looming protagonist in the story Setting - The woman's house and bath tub
- The graveyard
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