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Health Project- Narcotics

Gina, Alicia, and Brynn

Brynn Kizer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Health Project- Narcotics

Narcotics Symptoms and Effects Types of Narcotics Heroin Morphine In the past, Heroin was only injected.
Currently, others methods, such as
snorting and smoking, have been used. Every method is addictive Nausea Vomitting Headache Itching Confusion Drowsiness Addiction Treatment In order to start treatment,
a user must first recognize
his or her addition to a narcotic
drug. From there, he or she must
want to change his or her habits. A user can participate in: Counseling Therapy or an addiction treatment program in order to receive
support and assistance Medical Uses of Narcotics Narcotics are often used as
pain relievers or to induce sleep. analgesia
(Feeling no pain) small pupils and bloodshot eyes slurred speech Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Serturner, a
German pharmasist, named this drug
after the the greek god of dreams, Morpheus. Morphine drastically affects the
central nervous system How It's Made Narcotics are made from the syrup in an unripe poppy seed.
Nicknames Miss Emma monkey school box brown sugar China white opium dollies designer drug Withdrawal Symptoms watery eyes and
a runny nose yawning cramps shaking chills sweating jail time debt and financial problems DEATH HIV or other serious
infections can result from
the use of shared needles
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