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Ariannas Book Project sept 2012

No description

Nikolas Gernhard

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Ariannas Book Project sept 2012

The supposed killer of Harry's parents broke out of prison and is after Harry. 1.While Harry and the Dursleys ate breakfast and watched the news, the news reporter tells about a mad man, Sirius Black, breaking out of prison. 2. Harry ran away because he was angry at the Dursleys for making fun of his parents. After a long walk and a bus ride, he finally found Ron and his family and had dinner with them. After dinner, Harry overheard Ron's parents saying that Sirius was after him! 3.After about one month of classes the magical picture protecting the entrance to Gryffindor Tower was destroyed by Sirius. The picture refused to let Sirius in so he demolished it. 4.At the first Quidditch match, Harry spotted a big black dog sitting in the stands. When Harry looked at the dog, it kept disappearing and reappearing again. 5. For Christmas, Harry opened a package containing a Firebolt, a flying broomstick. Since the sender did not attach a note to the package, Harry was unaware who sent it. So, the Firebolt had to be checked for bad charms in case it was sent from Sirius. 6.When Harry, Ron and Hermione go visit Hagrid, the same dog Harry saw at the Quidditch match attacked them. During the attack, the dog pulled Ron underneath the Womping Willow into a hidden tunnel. 7.The hidden tunnel led to a house. Harry and Hermione followed the dog into the house to an upstairs room. In the room was Ron. Before Ron could warn them that it was a trap, Sirius closed the door to the room behind them. 8. Once the door was closed, Sirius started telling Harry that he was the black dog and the sender of the Firebolt. After a few seconds, professor Lupin walked through the door. 9. Sirius and Professor Lupin explained to Harry that the true killer of his parents was a wizard named Peter. After Peter killed his parents, he shape-shifted into a rat. Somehow, Peter found his way to the Weasley's and became Ron's pet, Scabbers. 10. Once Harry and his friends learned the truth, they left the house and traveled back to Hogwarts through the tunnel. When they emerged, dementors attacked them. While Harry, was saving Sirius from the dementors, Peter got away. 11. The school year came to a close. Although they never found Peter, Harry had to return to the Durselys for the summer months. Right before Harry left on the train for home, he received a letter from Sirius. The letter told Harry to contact him if he ever needed help over the summer.
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