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Making Inferences- Intermediate 2 Unit 4 Reading

Educational Psychology

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Making Inferences- Intermediate 2 Unit 4 Reading

Reading Comprehension Strategy-

Let's go beyond!
Whose footprints are those?
What was your first "guess"?
Those footprints are from a bear.
Maybe, they're from a dog, duck.
Why do you mention names of animals?
There's no way those footprints are human.
Because you
a picture or something
Inference is ...
"...the ability to make inferences is, in simple terms, the ability to use two or more pieces of information from a text in order to arrive at a third piece of information that is implicit..."
( Kispal, 2008 - National Foundation for EducationalResearch -USA)
A trained guess that we make based on background knowledge combined with our own experience.

frequently need to find
small clues
that lead them to infer—understand—things that the author doesn’t explicitly state.
to use information in the text to guess other things about the text.
Whenever we plan a lesson, we need to take in consideration ...
reading strategy
you're going to develop while working on the READING ACTIVITY.
- CEFR Domain: B1
"Ways to meet people : Dating around the World"
Lesson Planner

- Teacher's book
Intermediate 1-4

Let's talk about dating.
When was the last time you went on a date?
The last time I went on date was ________. We went to _____. I really enjoyed it because ___.
What kind of date did you see on the video?
Have you ever gone on blind date? If not, would you like to?
Do you know any other ways to go on a date ?
1. Where is the best place to meet someone?
2. What is the best way to meet someone?
The best place to meet someone is at______ because _____.
The best way to meet someone is by ___________. This way you can _______.
a club.
Q1 : How did you recently meet someone?
Q2 : How would you like to meet someone
1. I can be shy, so dating one-on-one is hard. ______.
Prompts to work on the "PAIR AND SHARE" stageS are going to
be given on the board
This part wont be included in the presentation
Thank you !
Hope this has been very useful for your teaching.
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