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My Career Portfolio

information about me

Tyler Alawi

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of My Career Portfolio

Tyler Alawi's Career Pathway My Dynamic Natural Abilities what skills i need for the job Brief Resume Job Out Look My Ideal Job Biography -Athletic trainer
-Physical therapist
-Occupational therapist - Great under pressure
- Works well with others
- Natural leader
- Communicates well -People person
-Be able to function under pressure
-Have the ability to think critically
-Able to make important decisions My dream job would be to work with a division one collage as the head Athletic Trainer. This would allow me to work closely with the athletes and still be a part of the sports program, where ever i may be. My Top Three Careers Develop, coordinate and administer a comprehensive sports medical program for University intercollegiate sports. The head athletic trainer will also perform professional and administrative services essential for the successful implementation and development of the program. EDUCATION
Greece Arcadia High School Graduating June 20, 2014
120 Island Cottage Drive Related Courses: AP US History, AP English
Rochester, NY, 14616

September, 2012-Present Horizon Fun FX
675 Ling Road Rochester, NY 14612
Many Duties

May, 2012-Present Abbott’s Frozen Custard
4791 Lake Avenue Rochester, NY
Window Server, Custard Machine Operator My full name is,Tyler Rae Alawi. i was born on December 7, 1995 in Gainesville, Florida. My mother is Monipa Guyette. There is no sentimental meaning to my first name. I have two half sisters, to which i was the first child born. I have Black hair, and Hazel eyes. I am Right handed. I do not wear glasses. i will graduate high school in 2014. I am also a very talented musician, that can play over eight instruments. Current Job Description Horizon Fun Fx
675 Ling Road Rochester, NY 14612
Start date: 9/16/12
Duties: Security/Snack bar Server /Pizza Prep-Personnel/Laser Tag Instructor What I do on the job • Prepare Pizza
• Security
• Laser tag instructor
• Assistance with skate rentals
• Stuff Shop attendant
• Pizza Chef How Do I Prepare For My interview 1.) Take a shower, brush teeth, etc.
2.) Get some sort of background knowledge of the company.
3.) Plan to arrive on time.
4.) Have all documents you need in order.

During The Interview 1.) Be polite.
2.) NO gum.
3.) Flatter your interviewer with knowledge of the company.
4.) NO phones. After The Interview 1.) Say "thank you for your time"
2.) Give a firm handshake
3.) Give a call back to keep your name in the employer's mind
How To Dress
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