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About volcano Surtsey and other information about it

Madeleine Student

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Surtsey

The youngest volcano
Mid-Atlantic ridge
63.4N, 20.3W

Surtsey is a shield volcano that produces pillow lava. You can tell it is a shield volcano because of its flat shape, that looks somewhat like a shield.
Boiling water, steam explosions, and ash eruptions all caused it to be made,
Volcanic ash formed the volcano island.

Fun Facts
The image of Surtsey was on at least 3 stamps.
Surtsey got it's name after the Norse god Surtur- the god of fire.

Surtsey has an impact on human society because it is free from human interference. Because of this it has been providing long-term information about colonization of new animals and plants.
hello i am tiny
What you see in this picture is a cock-tail's plume. It is formed by explosions that rip apart magma. That force sends ash and fragments high into the air in this pattern.
The eruption of Surtsey started on November 14, 1963. A day later the island was formed. At about the end of January its elevation changed by a lot. On April 4, 1964 the lava gently flowed and formed a lava shield. It has been known to be active up to 1967.
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