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What if the French Revolution never happened?

No description

Carly Harold

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of What if the French Revolution never happened?

What if?
Napoleon would not have come to power
-no Napoleonic wars
-no Napoleonic code that would reform France and Europe
-Thus causing a different social structure in France.
The world as a whole would be much more conservative and decolonization wouldn't have happened.
-If the world was more conservative today than we would be following a lot more of old regime.
-If decolonization hadn’t been used a lot then there would be many dependent countries owned by bigger European countries.

What if the French Revolution never happened?
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette would have stayed in power
-they would not have been executed.

-would have caused an absolute monarchy and the old regime to be enforced.

Germany would not have unified
-the start of a domino effect of revolutions throughout Europe one of those was the unification of Germany.
- WWI would not have happened.
- no fascism.

Russian Revolution wouldn’t have happened
-The French Revolution was what led the Russians to have their own.
- communism would not have been made.
-the Cold War would not have happened

The old regime would have taken over France which would cause the king to be in absolute power and there would be strong royal authority.
-France would be one of the strongest monarchies in Europe
What if the Treaty of Versailles had been less harsh to Germany?
Germany would have a semi stable economy
-the Treaty would not have made them pay for almost all of the damage of WW1
-They owed 132$ billion
-Later on this could have been useful in being ready for WW2.

There would be many German colonies throughout Europe
-hadn't had all of their colonies taken away.
Germany would have a better foundation to build on
-would cause many problems for other countries wanting to take over places like africa.

Hitler would not have come to power as quick
-the treaty had not put germany in a political and financial crisis
-the people wouldn’t have been desperate for a strong leader.
- If Germany had not needed a leader right away, it would have took longer for him to take over and for WW2 to start.

Germany's army would have been a lot bigger
-the treaty forced Germany to virtually disarm, limiting its army to 100,000 men.
-Without this punishment the army would have been damage because they would have had more weapons and soldiers

Nazism would not have been as popular throughout Germany
-The ideals of Nazism was influenced by new leaders and the people who were angered followed what they said.
-If the Treaty had been fair then the German people would not have been as angry and WWII might have been much smaller
-less catastrophic war would have caused a much more peaceful world after WWII

The three most imperialistic countries would not have been as powerful
-all three countries, England, USA,and France were competing in world trade.
-if Germany got to compete in trade also then the other countries would be weakened
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