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Sara Pennypacker

No description

Jenn Hendrickson

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Sara Pennypacker

Sara Pennypacker
By: Jenn Hendrickson Why I chose this author: After reading a Clementine book for class, I fell in love with Pennypacker's writing style
Unique and entertaining
Creates quirky characters

Wanted to read the rest of the series

Wanted to know where her ideas came from for her characters

Loved the simplicity of the illustrations in the Clementine series, that matched the description so well Biography Born in a small town in Massachusetts

Lives in Cape Cod, MA

As a child, she was very shy, so she read and made up stories as well as drew and painted mosaics

First, she was a water color painter and had her own gallery

When she had her two children, she fell in love with children's books

Since 1990, she has been creating books for kids and she knows she'll do it for the rest of her life Hobbies Reading
Going to the beach
Riding horses
Obsessed with baseball, wanted to play for the major league when she was a child and still does to this day
Images of Author Interesting Facts How she developed her characters: Stuart:
Based off of her nephew
Based off her two children, Clementine is her two children combined into one to make this main character Favorite Literary Line: The first line from Charlotte's Web: "Where is Papa going with that ax?" asked Fern as she helped her mother set the table for breakfast."
Now, how could anyone not read that book after an opening like that? We like Fern already; there's a mystery; and a big, shiny ax... gulp! Genre, Subjects, and Themes Themes: Subjects: Genres: Fantasy
General Fiction Friendship
Pulling together to come up with a solution
Coming of age
Sibling rivalry
Coping with loss
Love Comprehensive List of Books: Clementine Series: Clementine
Clementine's Letter
The Talented Clementine
Clementine, Friend of the Week
Clementine and the Family Meeting Stuart Series: Stuart's Cape
Stuart Goes to School
The Amazing World of Stuart Flat Stanley Series: The Mount Rushmore Calamity
The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery
The Japanese Ninja Surprise
The Intrepid Canadian Expedition Picture Books: Pierre in Love
Sparrow Girl Chapter Book: summer of the Gypsy Moths Important Awards Christopher Award Clementine's Letter Golden Kite Award Pierre in Love Child Magazine Best Book of the Year New York Times Best Seller Clementine series
Pierre in Love
Sparrow Girl Winner of the 2007 Boston Globe/ Horn Book Honor Winner of the 2007 Josette Frank Book Award (Bank Street College Book Committee) Clementine Clementine Teaching Concepts When talking about social studies, use Flat Stanley books, since he travels all over the world
write a story about where you want to visit in the world

Read Clementine as a read aloud-- much funnier and the students can hear how the books are meant to be read, will encourage them to read the series on their own
Create a friend of the week book for each student in the class

Sparrow Girl is about China, could also use this for social studies Related Websites http://www.sarapennypacker.com/index.htm How to become a good writer
Facts about the author http://disney.go.com/official-sites/clementine/index Clementine's journal
Can write your own journal entries
Print activities out •http://www.flatstanleybooks.com/kids/the-adventures/ Game/Activities
Look into the books She loves writing books more so than playing shortstop for the Boston Red Sox, which was her all time dream
Founder of shareourbooks.org References http://sarapennypacker.com/index.htm




http://catalog.einetwork.net/search~S1/?searchtype=t&searcharg=clementine&searchscope=1&sortdropdown=-&SORT=D&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=tpierre+in+love People
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