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Sarah Farrugia

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Aboriginals

Aboriginals in Society
Health Care and Employment
Unemployment rates for Aboriginals has doubled. Their income is 33% less than it was, while it is still 30% less than non-Aboriginals.
Legal Mistreatment
According to a 2006 study Aboriginals made up 3% of Canada’s population but between the years of 1997-2004 they were 17% victims and 36% of homicides. They’re 10% more likely to be accused of a homicide rather than a non-aboriginal.
Their History
How's life nowadays?
Suicide Rates
The Aboriginals suicide rate is the highest in the world. But in reality with all the hate and judgement these people get do you really blame them? They are so mistreated in our society it's not even funny. They're one of our lands founders and this is how we treat them. From Residential schools to not hiring someone for a job because of their race, disgusting. This society has to change, are you willing to help be that change. Every little bit helps.
First it starts with child welfare and how from the Canadian budget they’ve lost all fundings. In 2009 $600,000 was allotted for funding different programs like hunger, court and even social service workers. 18 programs were cut and natives weren’t given alternative resources. Unequal access to Canadians health care system left aboriginals hanging.
The Racism Behind it All
Back in 2008 in Saskatchewan a survey was held with 675 Aboriginals about the workplace. Here are they're answers.
Canadians took over their land in the 1840's to present day.
Canadian's took young Aboriginal kids away from their families and placed them in Residential schools where they were brainwashed into thinking their culture is terrible.
Residential schools also used deprive these kids of food, drinks and dental care for experiments.
For an Aboriginal women life is beyond complicated. They go through many struggles including
Rape and/ or spousal abuse.
Women are used as sex trade workers
Poor housing
Single parenthood
28% of Aboriginals feel mistreated while only 10.9% of non-aboriginals feel that way.
Not only do Aboriginals feel discriminated in the workplace it’s also just in general and society. 40% of Aboriginals feel that way.
They feel watched in stores, restaurants to see if they’re stealing etc.

Healthcare is unavailable to Indigenous people. Diabetes and heart disease are very common in aboriginals. Children face problems with respiratory problems.
They're also more vulnerable to HIV/Aids, mental illness, and chronic diseases.
Aboriginal children are three to four times more likely to die from unintentional injury than non-Aboriginal children of the same age.
They're also not allowed to show their culture. In A festival in Rapid City where Aboriginals dance their culture and non-aboriginals watch. They don’t know that they will later be prosecuted. Breaking the Indian act they can be sentenced for 2-6 months
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