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Jugar y Actuar in English

Introducing Jugar y Actuar (Play'nTeatre), our weapons for peace

María Díaz Durillo

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Jugar y Actuar in English

It's a bird?
It's a plane?
A teaching-learning methodology for groups of all ages
that allows us to understand THINKING but also...
foster awareness about ourselves, the reality surrounding us and the people we share it with
feeling our emotions and wishes
through the MOVEMENT
of our BODIES
The workshops are thought for groups that:
search for educative tools that fully include the person
wish to understand more about what is happening (with us) in the global world of the 21st century
are decided to change themselves to be part of the global change
are curious and want to exercise their leading role in their communities
are professors, educators, volunteers, youngsters, workers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, women and men
investigate about how to grow and develop themselves in a balance way
try to understand what it is, and it has been, to be man and be woman
need to learn how to take better care of others and themselves
love to "learn by doing" and have fun along the process
want to play and do not find a place to do so
Tell us what are your expectations and we'll design a tailor-made training course for you
a project fostered by
InteRed Fundación,
that now starts
walking by itself
a book that structures and multiplies the methodology, available for download at issuu.com
two trainers-researchers
Nico and María: curious,
dedicated and playful
with wide experience in communication, psychology,
theater and human development...
all put together with creativity
and ready to contribute to people's lifelong learning process
a blog
where all the experience is collected:

a methodology inspired by:
social theater
more than 500 teachers, educators, volunteer service officers and volunteers
have already played
and acting with us
in different Spanish
cities since 2010.
Most of them are
now using and
the methodology
Improvisational Theatre
Theater of the Oppressed
cooperative games
Education for peace, values and human development
different world philosophies and spirituality
learning by doing
education for and through life
non formal education
motivational techniques
collective creation
joy of life
Personal growth, expressive movement and corporal expression
our own experiences along the way...
popular education
ethics of care
a documentary,
en Educación
that relates a theater-creation experience
with a collective of educators in Toledo, Spain
ready to watch in Youtube
with subtitles in English
A philosophy of life and work that we want to share
Music by: Bibi Tanga and the Selenites
Our weapons for peace
at the moment only in Spanish...
while working in the English translation
Creative Odyssey in Education
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