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The Concentration camps


Rita Haywood

on 21 January 2010

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Transcript of The Concentration camps

The Buchenwald Concentration camps The name Buchenwald means Beech Wood. This camp was considered a labor camp. In this camp the people were not killed they were sent to the camp to work. The only way they were killed was if they were seen not doing there job the right way or not working at all. Still these people had to sleep in shelves were you would normally put books. http://www.jewishgen.org/ForgottenCamps/Camps/BuchenwaldENG.html This camp was started July 1937 thru April 1945. During the time the camp was open 56,000 people had died for several reasons health was a big reason for death. This camp was established by the Nazis. Also 13000 inmates were transferred from camp Buchenwald to Auschwitz and other extermination camps to be killed. This camp was built by the prisoners. During the entire summer of 1937, the SS forced the prisoners to use their "free time" to carry huge stones from the quarry to the camp. Those who had the misfortune to carry stones that were too small in the eyes of the SS, were immediately killed. Later, dozen of prisoners were chained to huge four-wheel carts and had to pull enormous loads to the camp while forced to sing by the SS. The SS used to call those prisoners the "Singing Horses.” The commander of Buchenwald, SS officer Koch. Koch and his wife, Ilse Koch, were famous for their murderous qualities. Koch was a thief, a drunkard and a gambler.

THE AUSCHWITZ CAMP When arriving at the camp you were either shot immediately or you were in for a living hell. Gas chambers, crematoria,gassed train cars,shooting,fatal beatings,hangings,injections,starvation,and suicide were some treatments for death. Auscwitz was a major death camp. It was both combined with the labour and extermination camps. This also became a camp for medical experiences. Dr.Josef Mengele liked 2 experience on twins. Eva Kor is a survivor of the Holocaust. http://www.urantiaggc.org/pages/Oct09.2.jpg Her and her twin sister were part of Dr. Josef Mengele’s medical experiments When they were ten the whole family was taken to Auschwitz. They were immediately put in gas chambers. But Eva and her sister Miriam were excused because they were twins.When the girls got to Mengeles camp they saw one of his experiments walk out. It was two young gypsy girls sewn together in the back. Mengele claims to have made siamese twins by connecting blood vessels and organs. Eva says “Three times a week we’d be placed naked in a room for 6-8 hours to be measured and studied.In one experiment he took blood from miriam and injected it into eva. Eva would get sick and have 2 go in the hospital. Dr.Mengele would come in and look at her flu charts and tell her she had two more weeks to live. Mengele had a rle, that if one twin died they would kill the other one. But for some reason four days before the twins birthday they were liberated by the soviet army. In 1993 Miriam developed cancer in her bladder from all of the experiments Mengele did on her and she died later that year.
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