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03.01 Could You Be an Entrepreneur?

No description

donnajah mcravin

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of 03.01 Could You Be an Entrepreneur?

Michael Kors

Michael Kors was born on August 9, 1959, in Long Island, New York. He moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, but dropped out after two semesters. As a toddler Kors worked as a model appearing in national campaigns for products such as toilet paper and Lucky Charms cereal. Kors launched his women's collection in 1981 and became a judge on Project Runway in 2004. Kors' mother is Jewish and his father was of Swedish descent. He is best known for designing classic American sportswear for women. He is Honorary Chairman and Chief Creative Officer for Michael Kors Holdings Limited.


On November 10th 2012, After hurricane Sandy Michael Kors donated a $1 million donation to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Michael never saved anyone's life but because of him he has shaped a way for women's fashion and how we dress our self.

I’m most definite Michael had many obstacles to overcome but he was a model as a child and since then has an eye for fashion. In 1990, however, Kors; company was forced to reorganize under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After getting back on his feet, Kors launched KORS Michael Kors, a lower-priced line. I feel that michael is a really great person, he always followed his heart
and he gave back to the community and that’s exactly what i would do.

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03.01 Could You Be an Entrepreneur?
Donnajah mcravin

H Harness your vision

Michael took something that he had a strong passion for as a child and made a picturesque career out of it.

U Underestimate the roadblocks

He found ways around the hindrance of when his company was forced to reorganize because of bankruptcy, he got back on his feet and launched another line.

N Network

He convinced the fashion editor Anna Wintour then of New York Magazine now the editor of Vogue to view his collection. He also worked for a French boutique which allowed him to start his own line.

T Take the first step

Falling in love with fashion and always being intrigued by Vogue allowed him to expand his passion. Being able to design his mother's wedding dress was the first big step into the fashion and design world that he really got to experience and eventually led to him designed fashion for other women around the world.

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