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Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding

Maggie,Care and Alysa have started helping out at Morning Dove on Saturday mornings. We groom horses, tack up, clean stalls and buckets, and we feed the horses.

Alysa T.

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding

Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding Children with disabilities go here to learn how to ride horses. Riding horses relieves stress and makes people happy. The Horses Here are some of Morning Dove's horses! Butch Chester Ellie Howie Kan Kan Kit Lexi Miss Scarlet Whinnie Applesauce Jim Volunteering Maggie, Clare and Alysa spend their Saturday mornings helping out at Morning Dove. Here are some pictures of what they do. Thanks! Thank you for watching our presentation! Sources and Credits We would like to thank the Morning Dove website
( http://ibccn.org/mdove/SITE/MD_HOME.html )
for picures. We would also like to thank Mark, Alysa's dad, for helping us with all of this! Mucking Out the Stalls Alysa Mucking Clare Mucking Maggie, Clare, and Alysa Maggie Mucking Grooming Maggie uses the
face brush. All of us cleaning! Clare gets the brushes out. Tacking Up Alysa puts the saddle on. Clare comes to help! The twins both
reach for girth. What Is Morning Dove? Morning Dove is a place where anyone with
disabilities can come and learn how to ride. At Morning Dove we do things like:
groom horses,
tack up,
give the horses food,
and our favorite,
help in the hay loft! How Do Horses Help the Disabled? Volunteering There are different kinds of disabilities. Some people are very weak and equine activities are proven to help improve strength. Equine activities also improve
Muscle tone
Emotional well being

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