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The Hobbit

you know what it is

Tina Gilbert

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of The Hobbit

The Hobbit
by J.R.R Tolkien
Terrifying, ugly trolls have come down from the Misty Mountains and have captured Bilbo and his dwarf companions. They escape with the help of Gandalf and the trolls turn to stone.
Bilbo Baggins
Thorin Oakenshield
Other Dwarves
List of Characters:
The Eagles
Main Plot Events
Here in the peaceful town of Hobbiton, our hero, Bilbo Baggins has been recruited for an exciting adventure by the great wizard, Gandalf.
Initially, Bilbo declines the offer, but then changes his mind and decides to go
Here, Bilbo and company are captured by goblins, but (again) escape with the help of Gandalf who slays the Great Goblin. Unfortunately, Bilbo falls off Dori's back on the way out and gets left behind. Soon, he meets a grotesque creature named Gollum who lives in an underground lake in the depths of the caves. There, he acquires his magical ring, but doesn't yet know it's true power. Bilbo plays a riddle game with Gollum and wins, but he's barely able to escape Gollum's wrath.
Discussion Questions
After escaping from the trolls, Bilbo and the dwarves take 2 swords, a knife, and food from the trolls' plunder and make their way to the friendly elven-town of Rivendell. There they meet Elrond, an immortal elf chief and old friend of Gandalf's. He offers them hospitality and, during their visit, tells them the history of the 2 swords. Elrond also reads the moon runes on Thorin's map, which explain how and when to get in the secret door of Lonely Mountain.
A short, fat hobbit
protagonist (main char.)
lives at Bag End in an underground round house
has hairy, leathery feet
loves to eat
favorite colors are yellow and green
hates adventures
takes on a job as a burglar
Settings and Locations
Bilbo's hobbit hole back in Hobbiton..
How do you think the events of the story would have changed had Bilbo never found the invisible ring?
How do you think the story would have ended if Bilbo had refused to go on the adventure in the first place?
Bilbo and the crew enter the dark and dangerous forest of Mirkwood. Here, Bombur falls into the enchanted stream, which causes him to sleep for 4 days and become forgetful. Desperate for food, the dwarves leave the path, but are attacked and caccooned by vicious, venemous spiders. Bilbo escapes by slaying a spider with his knife. He then rescues the others before they're eaten.
After the battle with the spiders, the dwarves are captured and imprisoned by the Wood-elves. Bilbo escapes captivity with the help of his magic ring. Bilbo later frees his companions and they escape by floating to Laketown in empty wine barrels.
The group's destination
seems easy enough - except for Smaug
The Lonely Mountain where Smaug sleeps and Thror's treasure is held.
Mirkwood Forest where Gandalf abandons the group to attend another task and the group gets attacked by spiders and elves.
A friend or ally to the group
Pretty straightforward but any color skull is danger
Journey's start
Journey's end
This is where Bilbo's journey begins
How much easier would the journey have been if Gandalf had never left?
If Gandalf had not assisted the dwarves, do you think they still would have survived? Explain.
If Bard had not learned of Smaug's weak spot, do you think Smaug would have been defeated? Explain.

Bilbo is the "hero" of this story. Who is your hero? Why?
This is the first struggle that
Bilbo faces
Danger #2
Next, they make their way to Beorn's house. Beorn, a skin-changer and a lover of his animals, lends aid to the dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf after learning of their troubles. He also advises them to stay on the path and not drink or bathe in the black "enchanted" stream once they reach the forest of Mirkwood.
Danger #4
After Bilbo reunites with his companions, they resume their journey. However, they soon find themselves surrounded by wargs, wolf-like creatures and allies of the goblins. To escape, they run up the trees, but are then trapped. Wargs summon the goblins to the scene. Gandalf throws fire sparks at the wargs and goblins from the tree tops, but they don't back off. Just when it seems they have reached their doom, the eagles, seeing the smoke, come to their rescue and fly them off to safety.
Danger #3
The Lord of the Eagles and his fellow eagles wisk Bilbo, the dwarves, and Gandalf away to their nests. There, they rest and renew their strength. As it turns out, Lord of the Eagles had once been saved by Gandalf after being hit with an arrow. The favor has now been returned.
Rested and ready to continue, the eagles fly their friends to this large rock (Carrock) in the Wilderlands
Danger #5
Bilbo and the dwarves float in barrels and land here where humans live (also called Laketown)
A wise old wizard
asks Bilbo to join the dwarves in an adventure
has magical powers
helps the dwarves in their quest, but has
no interest in their treasure
leaves the group at times to attend to other business, but reappears during key parts of the story
leader of the dwarves
proud, courageous warrior
tends to be greedy
becomes the "New King
under the Mountain"
dies from a fatal stab
Fili and Kili - youngest of the group
Dori - carried Bilbo on his back in the caves
Bombur - fattest; fell in enchanted stream
Oin and Gloin
Ori and Nori
Balin and Dwalin
Bifur and Bofur
dumb-witted and
short- tempered creatures
will eat just about anything
turn to stone when sunlight shines upon them
skin-changer (half-man; half-bear)
loves and communicates with his animals
gives aid and advice to Bilbo and his companions
assists in the "Battle of the 5 Armies"
Save the gang from a pack of wargs and goblins
Help turn the tide in the final Battle of the 5 Armies
Lord of the Eagles was once saved (by Gandalf) from an old arrow wound
evil creatures
live in caves
beat, torture, or even kill their prisoners
slimy, deformed creature
lives in an underground lake
calls himself "My Precious"
plays a riddle game with
Bilbo, but loses
an evil and greedy dragon
antagonist of the story
powerful - can destroy villages and fly great distances
stole the dwarves' treasure and land at Lonely Mountain
leader of the high elves at Rivendell
can read runes
explains the history of the swords
tells the dwarves when and how to get in the secret door of Lonely Mountain
wolf-like creatures
allies of the goblins
chase Bilbo and the company up the trees after they had escaped from goblins
relatives of the high elves (more suspicious
and have less-wise tendencies)
live in Mirkwood
trade goods with Men of Laketown
capture and imprison the dwarves
honorable man from Laketown
skilled archer
kills Smaug
With the help of the humans from Laketown, Bilbo and his companions finally arrive at their final destination. Now the real battle begins...Smaug is defeated (shot by Bard the archer) and a "Battle of 5 Armies" ensues once word of Smaug's death spreads far and wide. In the end, the dwarves reclaim their homeland and treasure.
Danger #1
Danger #4
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