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Copy of Creating Assessments for Comprehension Strategies

This session will focus on various assessments that can be used in Language Arts.

Brahim Ait hammou

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Creating Assessments for Comprehension Strategies

Created by Michele Quesenberry
Creating Assessments in Language Arts

Whole Group Read Aloud Lessons- (Linda Hoyt Resources)
Small Group Instruction (Guided Reading)
Independent Practice (Book Packets)
Assessment of Strategy:
Instructional Plan for Teaching
Comprehension Strategies
Assessment Types
Comprehension Strategy Assessments/Passages
Guided Reading Group Assessments
Guided Reading Book Tests
Informal Reading Assessments
Fluency Assessments
Pals Quick Checks
Interactive Achievement
Other Assessments
Whole Group Read Alouds
* Pacing Guides
* Whole Group
* Shared Reading
* Reader's Theater
Small Group Instruction (Book Packets)
* Sample Book Packets
Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?
Strategy: Making Predictions Grade: 2 Level: L
Stuart Goes to School
Strategy: Visualizing Grade: 3 Level: M
The Amulet
Strategy: Making Predictions Grade: 4 Level: Q
A Dog's Life
Strategy Assessments
Strategy Assessments
Strategy Assessments
* Benchmark Education Assessments
* Final Tests for Guided Reading Books
Author's Purpose- Grade 4
* Comprehension Passages
Informal Reading Assessments
* Oral Assessments
* 3-5 minutes per student
* Mirrors Fountas & Pinnell
Benchmark Assessment
* Uses Fiction Focus Card
Credit to Donna de Simone
Fluency Assessments
* Passages come from weekly guided
reading texts.
* 3-5 minutes per student
* Assessed orally
Credit to Donna de Simone
Other Assessment Ideas
* Reader Response Journals
* Pals Quick Checks
* Interactive Achievement
* Reading Resource Site:
Strategy: Mutiple Strategies Grade: 5 Level: S
Little Bear's Visit
Strategy: Multiple Grade: Late 1/Early 2
Level: J
* Benchmark Comprehension Assessment
* Final Book Test
* Comprehension Passages
* Interactive Achievement Assessment
Horrible Harry in Room 2B
Strategy Focus: Connections and Vocabulary
Level: L Grade: 2
Poppleton Has Fun
Strategy Focus: Connections, Problem-Solution
Level: J Grade: Late 1/Early 2
Da Wild, Da Crazy, Da Vinci
(Time Warp Trio)

Strategy Focus: Visualization, Connections
Level: P Grade: 3
Strategy Focus: Visualization, Connections
Level Q Grade: 4
Colonial Life
Strategy Focus: Summarizing Nonfiction
Level: S Grade: 5
Level K
Level N
Level P
Level Q
Level D
Level H
Level M
Level O
Pals Quick Checks
* Concept of Word
* Word Identification
Created by: Nancy Stafford
Created by Kelly Bryant
Interactive Achievement Assessments
* Can create assessments by strategy.
* Use pacing to create for each six weeks.
* Example: 4th Grade Assessment
Wackiest White House Pets
Strategy: Compare & Contrast Grade: 4 Level: R
* Uses two books to compare*
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