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Found by Margret Petterson Haddix

No description

Hannah Safferman

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Found by Margret Petterson Haddix

Found By Margret Peterson Haddix Main Caracters Jonah Chip Katherine Jonah is a seventh grade boy who was adopted when he was three month old. He is very curious about about his birth parents and family. Chip is Jonah's best friend who figures out that he is also adopted after getting the same strange letters as Jonah. Katherine is Jonah's sister. She is a year younger than Chip and Jonah. Kathrine is not adopted but pretends she is to fit in. Other Characters Jonah's parents Janitor Boy aka JB Angela DuPre Grant Hodge Gary Payne Jonah's and Kathrine's parents
know that their kids are up to
something but don't know what. Angela witnessed the time machine with 36 babies land at the airport. Later in the book she meets the Jonah, Chip, and Katherine to tell them what she saw and thinks
happened. JB was involed with sending the kids into the future because he knew from history that they would die from tragedy. When he saw that this affected the present he wanted to send them back. Grant and Gary also helped with the time travel but wanted to send the kids to the future (the original destination) and ignore the problems it would cause. Summary In the future there is an organization that travels back in time to save kids who
were killed in wars and other tragic events by sending them into the future. On one of the rescure missions a time machine plane with 36 babies crashed in modern time. All of the kids were adopted and lived normal lives until they started getting mysterious letters in the mail. Letters The letters had no stamp and no return adress. The first letter said "you are
one of the missing". Two letters were sent that said
"beware, they are coming back
to get you." The letters convinced Jonah and his family to go to a FBI building to try to figure out more about Jonah's birth parents. The FBI agent refused to tell the family information. While in the building, Jonah got sick and ran into the bathroom. While Jonah is in the bathroom, JB comes and tells him that he left a folder on the desk and to memorize everyone on the list in the folder. Katherine took a picture of the list and the
family went back home. Chip and Katheine called everyone on the list and figured out that they were all adopted, got the letters, and all but one lived close. While searching for more information Chip and Katherine found Angela. They met Angela who told them what she saw. A couple weeks later there was an event for adopted kids, Jonah, Chip and Katherine went to try to find the other kids on the
missing list. All 36, including Katherine, who pretented to be the absent person, were there and were put in a group with Gary and Grant. Gary and Grant led them to a time machine and were about to send them to the future when JB came in. Gary, Grant, and JB fought until the remote for the time machine got in JB's hand and was set to go to the past. End of Book 1 Theme Be careful who
you trust. Genre Science fiction The end
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