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About me

About me Theodora Odvil

Theodora Odvil

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of About me

Friends and what I do on free time besides DANCING
Theodora Odvil
Who Am I? Well I am a trustworthy
friend and you can always trust me with anything.

My School, favorite color and What I
hope to become.
Family and more about me
My hobby is dancing.I love dancing because it makes me feel open and loose. I wear a leotards,tutu's(mostly when I was younger).I dance in Somerville Ma. in a HUGE room.I practice in there all the time. At the end of the dance season I preform in a dance recital. I love dance it is my passion to do that.
The school I go to school at St.Peter School in Cambridge Ma.Which is amazing you have to wear a uniform which is navy blue and white.

Color :
My favorite color is PINK!!! I adore Pink and I go crazy when I see it.I don't care about what people say because you should see my bedroom,case- it-binder and the inside my school desk.
What I want to become:
I want o become a part- time dance teacher teaching at Marie Flynn Dance Studio in Somerville Ma.Also I want to become a pharmacist who helps.I am a very helpful person so I think the job is right for me.
My friends are Bianca,Gabrielle,Lanesha.I have know them for 6 years and I met them at Saint.Peter School.We are still friends now and tell each other sercets!!
On my free times I like to listen to music,watch tv, go the internet and reading sometime depend on the book.
Something about is even though I go to school in Cambridge. I live in Medford ma with my family. In my family there are Jacey (my younger sister),Josie (my mother),Wicleche ( my father).My parents are from Haiti. My sister goes to school at St.Catherine of Genoa in Somerville and going to come to my school next school year!!!!
A Sad Goodbye
Goodbye everyone!!!

Hope you enjoy watching me describe

myself.If you liked it please leave a comment and like it!!!
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