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Johnny Cade- The Outsiders

No description

Izzy Palmer

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Johnny Cade- The Outsiders

Johnny Cade- The Outsiders
1.Character Traits & Appearance
Vulnerable: "if you can picture a little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times"
Ignored: " his mother ignored him"
Quiet: never really talks in the gang
Caring: saves pony boy
Abused: his father continually beats him
Worried: about being beaten up again
Slow: he takes awhile to process things

2.What settings/Possessions are they associated with?
Johnny was a very fragile ,delicate Greaser. He lacked the compassion and thought like Ponyboy, but had the vibe of a small animal and was often compared with so. Only hurting someone when he needed to protect his friends.

Greasers are mainly associated with White Trash and Juvenile Delinquents but Johnny and Ponyboy both care about strangers more than the average Greaser.

3.What do other characters think about them?
Johnny and Dally have a very special relationship. Dally thinks of Johnny as a little brother as he has to protect him but he also feels he has to let him be independent and toughen up.

The rest of the Greasers treat Johnny with great caution as he is scarred from being jumped by the Socs. Johnnys parents do
not care about Johnny's state and take anything Johnny does (such as when he was in hospital) as a burden on them and their lives and make him feel sorry for his heroic actions.
4.Describe the characters actions in the story
5.How did the character change in the story?
6.Who was the character in conflict with and why?
7.What important decisions did the character make?
8.What did you like/dislike about the character?
I like Johnny because he saves pony boys life
I dislike him because he didn't think before he acted
-Killed Bob for Ponyboy
-Ran away from the police with Ponyboy
-Left everything behind (family,friends)
-Saved children from the burning church and risked his own life
-It changed Johnnys character
-Changed Ponyboy aswell
He went from innocent to a murderer.
At the start, Johnny is described as someone who wouldn't hurt a fly. After he committed a crime, he was aware of his strength and he had more confidence in his actions.
Think before you act and keep peace between everyone.
Johnny was always at war with his parents because they were abusive and beat him often so he had only the Greasers to rely on. After he got jumped by the Socs, Johnny was scarred and even more afraid to walk the streets alone.
Rumbi (kinda)
-Normal relationship with Greasers
-Johnny is Jumped and beaten up by the Socs
-Johnny kills Bob in an accidental fight
-Ponyboy and him run away to the church
-They save children from the church fire
-Johnny is in hospital with critical injuries
-Johnny dies because his injuries were too extreme
Rumbi (kinda)
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