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Algebra Chapter 1 review

Vocabulary, practice examples and links to additional help for Glencoe Algebra 1 - chapter 1.

David Lloyd

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Algebra Chapter 1 review

Double click anywhere & add an idea Algebra: Chapter 1 Overview Coefficient - a number that
multiplies a variable or variables Like Terms - terms that have the same
variables with the same exponents Commutative property 2+3 = 3+2
(a+b) = (b+a) Distributive property 2(3x+1) = 6x+2 6x + 4x = (6 + 4)x Associative property 4+17+3 = 4+(17+3) (a * b) *c = a * (b * c) Multiplicative identity x = 1*x 5 (1) = 5 Multiplicative Property of zero 5 * 0 = 0
a*0 = 0 Substitution property This is a working property
2+3 = 5
Reflexive Property 9x = 9x
2+3 = 2+3 Symmetric property If 2+4 = 3*2, Then 3*2 = 2+4 Evaluate - To find a value Simplifying an expression - writing an equivalent expression with no like terms and no parenthesis Open sentence - it is open because it contains a variable that is ready to accept numbers (they are open to the substitution of numbers) Solution set - a set of numbers in brackets { } that make an equation or inequality true Replacement set - a set of numbers in brackets { } that may contain one or more solutions to an equation or an inequality Mode - the most common value(s) in a set of data Range - the difference of the largest and the smallest values in a set Stem and leaf plot - a plot that is used to organize data values translations - key phrases less than
subtracted from
the difference
the sum
the product
the quotient
cubed On-Line study tools use www.algebra1.glencoe.com for on-line study tools
choose the algebra 1 book
use the 2001 full edition option
go to any of a number of on-line resources for chapter 1 Translations Vocabulary Practice test questions Answers to practice
test questions
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