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Engineering Jobs

No description

Owen Elliff

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Engineering Jobs

Engineering Job Presentation Explosives Engineering Structural Engineering Biological Engineering Nanoengineering These are the jobs I will be giving information
about in this presentation. Structural Engineering Structural engineers create and test new types of structures. They earn a yearly salary of $47,878-$94,250. Some employers are Halliburton, US Army Corps of Engineers and Turner construction. It requires a knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Demographics
60% Men
40% Women
50% White
1% African American
16% Asian
6% Hispanic
7% Unknown By: Owen Elliff Molecular Engineering Computer Hardware Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Explosives engineering is the study of the behavior and/or usage of explosives. They may have a workspace or test the explosives themselves. Explosives engineers usually make around $65,000 per year. Must have a masters degree. Employers include:
The Missouri University of Science and Technology
BME Mining
DMD Services Inc. Biological Engineers Explosive Engineering Biological engineering is the use of molecular biology to study and icrease the capabilities of organisms.
Generally work in offices, hospitals and laboratories. They make about $81,000 a year.
Requires bachelor's degree. Employers are:
American Society for Engineering Education
Kaztronix Demographics:
59% Female
41% Male Nanoengineering Nanoengineering is engineering on the scale of a nanometer. Work in laboratories and offices. Require a bachelors degree. Demographics:
60% Male
40% Female They make about $90,000 a year. Employers:
Luna Nanoworks
Nanosys Molecular Engineering Use of engineering on a molecular level to create problem solving devices. Work in labs or offices. Requires education in math, chemistry, mechanics, thermodynamics and electromagnets. They generally make around $70,000 a year. Employers include:
CH2M Hill Inc.
Mobil Chemical Computer Hardware Engineering Deal with computer hardware functionality. May work in designated workspace, home or at office. They make something close to $98,000 a year. Need a bachelor's degree in computer science and computer hardware. Employers include:
Dell Electrical Engineering Electrical engineers deal with electrical layouts and electronics. They make about $87,000 a year. Work in maintanence, offices and at build sites. Some employers are:
Orica Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineers deal with mechanisms and how they work in modern industry. They make roughly $55,000-85,000 a year. It requires a bachelors degree. Requires at least a bachelors degree. Mostly males work in this section of engineering. They work in factories, offices and workshops. Some employer would be:
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