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No description

Jana Wiseman

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of CSEC LEA

The Life or The Game:
A youth who is actively being exploited
Pimp or trafficker
Bottom Bitch:
The girl put in charge of all other girls (top girl)
A group of victims under the control of the same pimp
The amount of money a victim is expected to make often between $500 - $1000/daily
Designed to break down a victim’s resistance and ensure compliance
What does THAT mean???
Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
Jana Wiseman, Clackamas County Juvenile Dept

Keri Wilborn, SARC Advocate

CSEC Definition
Sexual activity involving a child in
exchange for something of value, or promise thereof
, to the child or another person or persons.

Child is treated as a commercial and sexual object.
Clackamas County Case Example
Immediate Red Flags
Active runaway or homeless
Unusually fearful or anxious
Avoids eye contact
Hyper-vigilance or paranoid
Scripted answers
Claims of just visiting
Lack of knowledge of whereabouts and/or address where staying
Inconsistent stories
Other Red Flags
Cell phones, web pages, business cards
Tattoos or branding ~ Ask about it
Hotel keys
Large amounts of money
Unexplained injuries
Expressed interest and/or relationships with older men (Daddy)
Gang affiliation
Multiple system involvement (LEA, DHS, Juvenile, Mental Health)
You think you have identified a CSEC Victim...
Remember they are...
Determine if youth needs to go to the ER (Willamette Falls preferred)
Consultation w/ Children's Center
Can they be taken to Juvenile IAC?
Call SARC Hotline to triage w/advocate 800.640.5311
Follow your agencies protocol
You will each receive a
CSEC Indicator/Procedure Card
for quick reference
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