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TeachMeet Herts 2014

TeachMeet Herts presentation showcasing resources from the ICTmagic website.

Martin Burrett

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of TeachMeet Herts 2014

A Mix of Fab Resources
from the

Presented by Martin Burrett
See more presentations like this at http://j.mp/CPDmagic
See this again at
A superb site where you can crop YouTube & other online videos, add audio messages and quiz questions which provide individual assessment feedback to check understanding of your students.
Going out of school and learning in the real world can provide some of the most rich and valuable learning experiences. But when this is not possible, this site provides teachers with a directory of virtual school trips to fascinating places through Google Hangouts. Join educators across the world and your children may even talk directly to experts.
See this presentation again at
Create your own 'Street Map' like tour by uploading photo spheres to the web, where users can navigate between your captured locations. Making 3D school tours and virtual field trips just got a lot easier!
A truly stunning 3D reconstruction and tour of the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx and other structures. Watch a guided tour around and inside the structures at various points in history. You can even view the site in full 3D. The site may take a little time to load.
An amazing resource which shows the relative scales of things in the universe and guaranteed to make you feel insignificant. But wow it's good.
This is a wonderful site from the University of Salford in the UK. Listen to soundscapes which have been recorded all over the world. Navigate on the map to find a place of interest, listen to the recording and read the information about the location. Upload your own soundscapes using the site or download the iPhone and iPad app. It's a useful geography resource and should get your students thinking about the sounds around them.
This is Augmented Reality for the Masses. Make any Sketchup model into an Augmented Reality model with 1 click with this free plugin. Amazing!
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