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Copy of Seneca Code of Conduct Assembly

Students will understand Seneca's Code of Conduct and Behavioral expectations by evidence of the Social Contract response

Emilio Gallegos

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Seneca Code of Conduct Assembly

Seneca Elementary
S...is for SAFE
I need to be Safe at School Assemblies by:

Walking quietly to assigned area
Waiting to be dismissed until your teacher calls you
Sit criss-cross and wait quietly in assigned area

T...is for TEAM-WORK
Clap for each other

Remind others to pay attention to the speaker
A...is for ACCEPTING
Be supportive of others

Listen to the speaker

Pay attention without talking to your neighbors

Be on time

S... is for SCHOLAR
SENECA'S Social Contract
I pledge to reach for the STARS by making SAFE choices, being a TEAM-PLAYER, acting RESPONSIBLY, and respecting everyone's differences by being ACCEPTING. I commit to treat STUDENTS AND STAFF with RESPECT AND DIGNITY and in return, I expect to be treated with RESPECT AND DIGNITY by all STUDENTS AND SENECA STAFF.
Be a Buddy...
Take care of yourself and be a buddy to others
...not a bully
Have a magnificent and
Exciting school year!
OBJECTIVE: Today I will learn:
1. Seneca's Behavior Expectations
2. What each letter in the ACROSTIC S.T.A.R.S. stands for
3.How proper etiquette at School ASSEMBLIES looks like
4. I will learn about the difference between being a buddy and being a bully
5.I will learn about Seneca's Social Contract

I am a Seneca Star,
I am a scholar,
I am a winner, and
I am college bound.

Be a role model by being a STAR
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