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SUHSD Introduction to Chromebooks (for WHS)

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Glenn Hervieux

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of SUHSD Introduction to Chromebooks (for WHS)

Presented by the
Siskiyou Union HSD Technology Dept.

Introduction to Chromebooks
Use your device & accounts for school work (shop at home :) ).
Rules and Procedures
Do not let other students use your Login information
Rules and Procedures
Avoid leaving your device unattended!
Rules and Procedures
Carefully remove the device. Return it to its slot when finished.
DON'T plug it in for charging unless it is the last period of the day
Rules and Procedures
Do not place books or other items
on top
of or
the device.
Rules and Procedures
Use the device that is assigned specifically to YOU! (unless told otherwise)
Rules and Procedures
for Chromebook use...but first....
what is a Chromebook?
Enjoy using your Chromebook as you follow SUHSD policies and school rules related to the use of technology!
Rules and Procedures
No food or drinks allowed around the devices
Rules and Procedures
If you notice that something is wrong with the device, report to your teacher or the office immediately.
Rules and Procedures
Do not let other students use or borrow your device.
Rules and Procedures
Rules and Procedures
If your device is damaged…You and your parents are responsible for paying for repairs.
Carry your device properly.
Rules and Procedures
Practice good digital citizenship!
Rules and Procedures

Take the Tour

-Get to know your Chromebook better by taking the Tour.

(Leave Full-Screen mode and click the link to open in a new tab)
Rules and Procedures
Open the lid carefully to turn the device on. Avoid bending the screen back and forth. This accounts for many screens breaking
Don't lift the Device by the screen. You could crack it!
($90 repair)
Keep your Chromebook
on a flat surface
Freshmen & Sophomores will need to charge their Chromebook at home. Don't expect to do it at school.
Store & carry your Chromebook in the protective sleeve.
Let the Tour Begin
Check out the different topics on the left of the screen:

*The sign-in screen
*Your desktop area
*The Chrome browser
*Keyboard features
*Find apps for your Chromebook
For WHS Students
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