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No description

Sam Stifanich

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Button,Button

Richard Matheson "Button,Button" Rising Action- Norma debates whether to press the button and receive $50,000.00 and someone will have to die in return. Norma faces character vs. self. (Matheson, page 303). Climax- when Norma is home alone and presses the button to receive $50,000.00. (Matheson, page 305). PLOT Exposition- Characters are Norma and Arthur Lewis. Norma was given the button and was told that she would receive a call at eight p.m that night. The setting is 217E 37th street NY, NY 10016. (Matheson, page 301). Falling Action- Norma gets a phone call stating that her husband Arthus is dead. (Matheson, page 308). Resolution-because Arthur is now dead Norma receives her $50,000.00 for his life insurance. (Matheson, page 308). Antagonist- the antagonist was Arthur because he opposed Norma and did not want her to press the button.(Matheson, page 303). Protagonist- the protagonist was Norma because she was the main character throughout the story "Button,Button". (Matheson, page 301). We were unable to find foreshadowing. Flashback- there is no flashback. The Conflict Norma faces character vs. self and character vs. character. She faces character vs. self by deciding whether or not to press the button and receive $50,000.00. She faces character vs. character by fighting with Arthur. (Matheson, page 306). Theme The theme of the story is you can understand and know how someone is, but you cannot understad how an individual can think and feel. (Matheson, page 308). Characterization Norma- very selfish, wanting, and very ungrateful. She is very wanting because she was saying how she wanted a second house on an island. (Matheson, page 306). Arthur- understading, intelligent, modest and appreciative. He is appreiative and understanding because he is thinking of the outcome to other people if his wife pressed the button. (Matheson, page 305). Setting The setting is 217E 37th street New York, New York 10016. Norma and Arthur lived in a middle class apartment and their home was not that big. (Matheson, page 301). Irony The irony in this story is that Arthur ends up dying because his wife never truly new him. (Matheson, page 308). The end<3 Samantha Stifanich and Becky Van Essendelft
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