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Sarah Mouradian -- Pop Culture and YouTube (Gaming/Let's Play Channels)

No description

Sarah Mouradian

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Sarah Mouradian -- Pop Culture and YouTube (Gaming/Let's Play Channels)

OBVIOUSLY that's wrong, BUT this idea may be subconsciously supported among the popular channels. All In the Name of Enterainment (comedy in particular) What is a "Let's Play"? A Let's Play (often shortened to LP) is a recorded video of video game play including a commentary by the gamer. The "Video LP" involves recording "playthroughs" of games with a video capture device while offering an audio commentary and uploading the result to a video-sharing website, the most popular being YouTube. $$$ Merchandising $$$ Although a main purpose of merchandasing for these types of channels is to profit in order to simply profit and to be able to increase the quality of production, the interest is there for the tangible side. Familiarity Fans and subscribers respond best when they feel close to the people they watch do Let's Plays and other similar videos. Community Not only do fans want further connection with the YouTubers, they want a connection with one another. All over YouTube and the internet you can find the vast network of fan creations in support of their favorite gaming channels with songs/remixes, fan art, inspired mods in games, and so on. Gaming/Let's Play Channels How is this popular culture? Pewdiepie + Tobuscus (specifically TobyGames) + Rooster Teeth + Ghost Robo + Chuggaaconroy + Game Grumps + the Rad Brad = 20,281,819 subscriptions worldwide plus hundreds of other smaller channels "Video Games Are For Boys" The most successful Let's Plays and LP channels are focused on entertaining the viewer with wild reactions, crazy jokes, and approaching games without serious intent. What does that have to do with our values? Rooster Teeth participated last week in YouTube's Comedy Week! We love to laugh and combine our entertainment interests! Every channel listed in the beginning is solely male with the exception of Rooster Teeth. I can only name one female gaming channel: ch0colatemilk. 4,354 subscriptions not comedy/entertainment-focused But is there more to it than that??? Often featured females in these types of channels are shown to be somewhat stereotypical. People want more than a digital connnection. Familiarity can come from jokes/lines, vlogs, and signature intros/outros. The fan community is fostered through forums, contests, and live appearances among many other things.
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