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Columbus Regional Airport Authority

People Services

marwa abdellatif

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Marwa Abdellatif
Khadijah Mbai Evaluating Hiring Processes of Major/Regional Airports Defining Aviation- Human Resource Department Information Objectives of our Project Retention Strategies Airports Reached
Smaller To gain information about:

HR units within major and regional airports

Hiring processes

Union environments and their impact on organization

Retention rates

Retention strategies Employee feedback-employee engagement (survey details)

Benefits (average worker gets $17,000 per year)

Training and Development

Pay for performance Jackson-Evers Int'l Airport- 1.2 million

Charleston Int'l Airport- 2.5 million

El Paso Int'l Airport- 3 million

Long Island MacArthur Airport- 1 million

Palm Beach Int'l Airport- 6 million Distinct difference between small and large airports

Smaller airports:

- Easier to reach
- More responsive

Larger airports:

- Harder to reach
- Tended to be indifferent Department is designed to develop efficient, effective and valuable employees

Set of core functions

The bigger the airport, the more vital an HR is Researched major/ regional airports

Created survey questions

Contacted airports How We Started *Int'l = International How They Responded Core Functions Hiring process




Legal compliance

Performance management Hiring Process Charleston


El Paso

Jackson-Evers Hiring Process
CHS 1. Manager determines the need for a position

2. If it’s a new position, must make a request to hire for a position. If it’s an existing position, the hiring manager sends in a memo

3. Submit a requisition online

4. Post the position Hiring Process
Dallas Hiring Process
El Paso Hiring Process
Jackson-Evers Hiring Process
Jackson-Evers continued Unions Organized group of workers who collectively use their strength to have a voice in their workplace

Have a right to impact wages, work hours, benefits, workplace health and safety, job training and other work-related issues

Have more leverage as a group “the percentage of employees who were employed at the beginning of a period, and remain with the company at the end of the period”


- Charleston- 90%

- Jackson-Evers- 82%

Why is it important? Turnover Rates "The ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers"


- Charleston- 10%

- Jackson-Evers- 18% Documentation
Supporting Our Learning Lesson's Learned 1. The dept head notifies HR that they would like to advertise for the position

2. Post internally usually first for 7 days

3. Post externally:

a) on website

b) in local newspapers

c) outreach to different colleges and universities, depending on the position

4. HR screens applications Hiring Process
Charleston 1. Submit application with resume online

2. Reviewed by recruiter

3. Phone screen for “minimum qualifications”

4. Interview with hiring manager What Makes CRAA Unique? 3 different unions



-AFSCME Acknowledgments Todd Dunlevie

Brandie Baumann

Kim Wilcox

Amanda Wickline

Mike Murray

Jim Coley

Jane Ensign Retention Rate Why is this an important project for Mentor/Organization?

How Mentor/Organization will use the outcomes

False starts


-number of passengers

-retention rates

-turnover rates Airports Reached
Larger Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Airport- 58 million

Denver Int'l Airport- 52 million

John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport- 47.6 million

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int'l Airport- 89.3 million

O'Hare Int'l Airport- 66.7 million

Logan Int'l Airport- 29 million Hiring Process
Charleston continued 5. Screen through applications

6. Applicants are forwarded to the manager

7. Some managers require a second interview depending on the position or candidates

8. Do a background check and physical

9. Orientation Hiring Process
Dallas continued 5. Do reference checks

6. Place an offer

7. Background, employment and education verification of 7 years

8. Orientation 5. Passed on to the department head (DH)- who then screens them for specific job-related info

6. DH passes the names on to HR

7. HR will contact them and schedules interviews

8. Depending on the position, it may require testing and each dept has their own method

9. After tests, they contact them through pre-employment Background on CRAA Opened in 1929

Rickenbacker formed in 1979

In 2003, the Columbus Airport Authority and Rickenbacker Port Authority merged to create the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) 1) Post position (neogov)

2) Review Applications

3) Unqualified candidates will be notified

4) Qualified candidates must take a test (multiple choice test or written exam)

5) Candidates are placed on the "eligible list" 6) Decide on who to interview (at least 5)

7) Contact those people and schedule an interview

8) Interview candidates

9) Candidate will be given a conditional job offer

10) Background checks

11) 6 month probationary period Hiring Process
El Paso continued El Paso: (Cecilia Mungaray, personal communication,)

Dallas: (Reem Brooks, personal communication,)

Charleston: (Julie Free, personal communication,)

Jackson-Evers: (Ronda Knight, personal interview,)

Logan: (Mike Lewis, personal interview,)
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