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Organizational Chart

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on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Organizational Chart

Idaho State Department of Education
Salary: $102,667

The superintendent heads the Idaho Department of Education, which runs the state's public school system. The superintendent is a statewide constitutional officer elected by the people to four-year terms.

State Superintendent
Sherri Ybarra
Executive Assistant
Portia Flynn

Provides administrative support to the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Liaison between the Superintendent and stakeholders.

Community Relations Officer Chuck Zimmerly

Serves as Chief of Staff to run the Department’s day-to-day operations and make decisions relating to employee policy development and internal operations. Carries out tasks and projects on initiatives as directed by the Superintendent.

Chief Deputy Superintendent (Interim)
Pete Koehler
Public Information Specialist Kelly Everitt
Chief Communications Officer
Jeff Church

Responsible for media relations, internal and external communications for the State Department of Education. Writes the Weekly e-newsletter and staff newsletter.

Special Assistant to the Superintendent
Tim Corder

Works with the State Legislature, Governor’s Office, other elected and appointed officials, school districts, education organizations, and other stakeholders as directed by the Superintendent to support new and ongoing initiatives.

$55 per hour (Contractor)

Provides community relation services for the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Works with internal and external stakeholders to promote the mission and vision of the Superintendent. Provides stakeholders a conduit to exchange ideas and ensures the information is received. Attends events for the purpose of collecting feedback and developing strong community ties.


Works with the Chief Communications Officer to draft responses and provide information to media and the public. Writes and distributes news releases and educational material.

Director, Human Resources Suzy Nesbella

Oversees the development, implementation,
and administration of applicable state policies and procedures
on recruitment, hiring, training, supervision, compensation,
promotion, evaluation, discipline, and termination actions on
State Department of Education employees. Administers the
recruitment process and payroll process. Administers employee benefits.

Chief Financial Officer
Louie Konkol

Oversees the financial operations of the State Department of Education. Implements the annual budget, working with program directors to allocate funding to programs. Monitors spending and financial transactions to ensure accuracy of fund allocations.

Associate Deputy Supt Public School Finance
Tim Hill

Oversees the operations of the Public School Finance division of the State Department of Education. Assists with the development of the Public Schools budget and oversees payments to school districts. Collects, analyzes, and reports program implementation and funding data. Provides expertise, technical assistance, support, and training to division and school district personnel.

Chief Technology Officer
Chris Campbell

Oversees the management of the State Department of Education information technology (IT) functions including application development, data and database design, infrastructure support, system operations, security, client services and support, and functions involving statewide service areas. Assists the Superintendent of Public Instruction in statewide IT efforts and projects.

Associate Deputy Supt Federal Programs
Marcia Beckman

Oversees program administration and contract management for all programs under the Division of Federal Programs as well as ESEA Research Data. Directs and participates in the development and implementation of program goals, benchmarks, timelines, implementation strategies, and evaluation. Monitors programs within the division to be sure they are in compliance with applicable directives. Provides expertise, technical assistance, support, and training to stakeholders.

Director, Title III LEP / Migrant Education
Christina Nava

Oversees work related to efforts in creating, implementing and maintaining English language development programs that are rigorous and equitable.
Provides assistanceto districts to help ensure they meet state and federal laws and regulations in regard to the education of English Language Learners. Administers the fiscal requirements of Title III LEP and Migrant Education programs.

Director, Special Education/ Exceptional Children
Charlie Silva

Job Description:
Oversees the state’s implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
Monitors Local Education Agency’s (LEA’s) adherence to law, as well as to develop, implement, and manage initiatives of the State Department of Education by providing information, technical assistance, professional development, and training to stakeholders.

Coordinator, School Choice
Michelle Clement Taylor

State contact on issues pertaining to school choice.
Provides technical assistance to charter school developers and charter school operators. Provides ongoing communication on current issues pertaining to charter school programs and policy related to charter school law. Serves as liaison between the Idaho State Department of Education and school choice stakeholders.

Director, Teacher Certification/ Professional Standards
Lisa Colon

Oversees the licensure and certification process for in-service educators actions related to ethical violations, as well as continued growth through professional development and attainment of Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT) status. Organizes and facilitates reviews on 20% of the educator preparation standards annually and prepares recommendations for the Standards Committee. Provides technical assistance in-person and remotely to educator preparation personnel.

Director, Child Nutrition Programs/Healthy Schools
Dr. Colleen Fillmore

Oversees the distribution and monitoring of USDA CNP funds within the State Department of Education and local education agencies. Provides assistance to districts concerning issues of compliance and effectiveness. Serves as state contact for the federal Office of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Director, Assessment & Accountability
Angela Hemingway

Oversees the planning, development and delivery of statewide assessment programs, including state and federal accountability and reporting requirements. Consults with programs in other states to learn best practices to be used as possible models in Idaho. Recommends enhancements to existing assessment programs to most effectively meet program requirements. Provides expertise, guidance, technical assistance, support, and training to all stakeholders.

Chief Performance Officer
Tim McMurtrey
$50 per hour (Contractor)

The chief performance officer gathers data and leads researchers in the analysis of this information to determine how educational performance can improve and then reports recommendations to executives and directors.


Oversees the Math, Science, ELA/Literacy, Social Studies, STEM, NASA, School Health, Humanities, Gifted and Talented, Idaho Standards implementation efforts, and Curricular Materials programs. Consults with programs in other states to learn best practices to be used as possible models in Idaho. Provides consultation and assistance on program planning, as well as development and implementation. Oversees Content Areas program budgets and authorizes expenditures. Serves as liaison between program leadership, federal, state, local agencies, citizen groups and grantors/contractors.


Oversees and identifies activities and resources that create optimal learning environments and address barriers to high school graduation and post-secondary education participation such as 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Gear Up programs, Indian Education, Suicide Prevention, Advanced Opportunities, Safe & Drug Free Schools and School Safety. Serves as a liaison between the Superintendent of Public Instruction, institutions of higher education, the business community, philanthropic entities, students, parents and other stakeholders. Provides expertise, guidance, technical assistance, support, and training to school personnel, parents, students and other parties as requested.

Director, Academic Services,
Support/Professional Development
Scott Cook

Director, Student Engagement & Career Readiness
Matt McCarter
Source: Idaho State Department of Education
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