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Age of Exploration

No description

Mr. Palmer

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration
I. Europeans Explore the Seas
A. Motives for exploration
1. most valued items were spices
2. Europeans wanted to gain direct access to the riches of Asia, increase wealth and get rid of middlemen
* Renaissance spirit influenced many to learn about the lands beyond Europe
3. Improvements in technology
c. caravel- new ship that
made it easier to sail across oceans
or even into the wind
a. cartographers-map makers
b. astrolabe- instrument which determines latitude at sea
B. Portugal sails Eastward
1. Prince Henry a.k.a. Henry the navigator
pushed for Portugal exploration
a. redesigned ships, prepared maps, and trained captain and crew for long voyages
2. In 1488, Bartholomeu Dias rounded the southern tip of Africa
a. Cape of Good Hope
3. On to India
a. Vasco da Gama led four ships around the Cape of Good Hope

b. Vasco reached a port on the west coast of India, Calicut
a. scurvy- disease caused by lack of vitamin C
b. 3,000% profit
c. Portugal gained key ports around Indian Ocean
c. Results of his voyage
1. lost half of his ships and sailors

2. Columbus made two errors
a. underestimated the size of the Earth
b. Two continents lay in his path
C. Christopher Columbus sails west
1. Italian navigator who wanted support from Portugal to sail west and reach Asia
a. Portugal refused and he persuaded Ferdinand and Isabella to support his Enterprise of the Indies
3. Aug 3, 1492 Columbus sailed west with three small ships
a. On Oct 12 1492 they hit land (Caribbean)
b. In 1493 he returned to Spain to a hero’s welcome

5. German cartographer named the new
land America (Amerigo Vespucci)
4. Pope Alexander VI stepped in to keep peace between Spain and Portugal
a. Line of Demarcation- divided the non-European world into two zones
c. In the end, only 1 ship and 18 sailors completed the voyage back to Spain
1. circumnavigate- sail around the world

b. Magellan spent four months crossing the Pacific until he finally landed in the Philippines
Age of Exploration Rap
D. The Search Continues
1. Spanish adventurer, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, went through Panama and gazed at a huge body of water he called the South Sea
2. Ferdinand Magellan went around the Southern tip of South America renaming it the Straits of Magellan
a. he renamed the South Sea calling it the
A. Geography of Southeast Asia
1. Southeast Asia is made up of two major regions
a. mainland
b. 20,000 scattered islands

2. Southeast Asia developed their own cultures
a. matrilineal- inheritance through the mother
II. Diverse Traditions of Southeast Asia
B. Impact of India
1. India greatly influenced Southeast Asia
a. gave presents to local rulers
b. married into influential families

C. New Kingdoms and Empires
1. Pagan was a strong kingdom united by King Anawrata
a. brought Buddhism to Pagan
b. stupas- dome –shaped shrines
D. Vietnam Emerges
1. Vietnamese had their own distinct culture
a. women often held positions of authority
b. padis- fields which provided food for a growing population

2. China conquered Vietnam and attempted to force many of their traditions on the Vietnamese
a. Trung Trac and Trung Nhi briefly drove China from Vietnam
South China Sea
Phillipine Sea
North Pacific Ocean
New Guinea
pg 67-68, 76-77
What do you already know about Southeast Asia?
Think Flavor

What would you like to know about Southeast Asia?
Middle East
Western Europe
To sail around the
entire world
A disease caused by the
lack of vitamin C
Larger and more capable
ships for sailing long
An ancient instrument used
to determine latitude at sea
Created accurate maps so sailors could reach their destinations
Christopher Columbus
Henry the Navigator
Vasco Da Gama
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Ferdinand Magellan
a. preserve food
b. add flavor
c. medicines
d. perfumes
Exploring the New Frontier
Solar storm
Solar Flare
Burning Star
Funded explorations to West
Bartholemeu Dias
Sailed around the tip of Africa
named it the Cape of Good Hope
Sailed in 1492 to find America. Was really looking for India

Sailed around Africa and found a
trade route to India
Was the first to see the Pacific Ocean
Sailed around the world, but tragically
died in the Phillipines
Why do people feel the urge to explore?
Find something new and exciting
Discover new people
Overcome fears
to look for more than just the obvious
learn new things
Accomplishments- fame and wealth
Make your own path
Adventure seeking- Adrenaline
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